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Regional Plan Draft 1

On March 6, 2013 the Community Design Advisory Committee was presented with a first draft of the revised Regional Plan. The draft was developed as part of the Plan's first five-year review.

A few notes on how to read Draft 1:

  • Draft 1 is a working draft. It will likely undergo more changes before public consultation begins.
  • The Plan is presented in a review mode version to clearly show the changes - additions, deletions, etc.
  • The Plan is presented in individual chapters, 1 through 10.
  • A Primer provides an overview and explanation of all the changes to the document. Within the primer, a detailed reference table explains each change by plan section and policy number.
  • A colour scheme is used to indicate change:
    • Black text indicates original text of the Plan
    • Black strikethrough indicates text has been deleted
    • Green text indicates original text has moved within the document
    • Green strikethrough indicates the moved text has been deleted
    • Red text indicates new text


Regional Plan Draft 1 Chapters:

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Settlement & Housing

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Economy & Finance

Chapter 6

Regional Centre

Chapter 7

Culture & Heritage

Chapter 8

Services, Utilities, Solid Waste & Energy

Chapter 9


Chapter 10




Regional Plan Draft 1 Maps:

Map 1

Settlement & Transportation

Map 2

Generalized Future Land Use Map

Map 3

Trails & Natural Networks

Map 4

Parks & Natural Corridors

Map 5

Significant Habitats and Endangered Species

Map 7

Future Transit & Transportation

Map 7A

Urban Transit Service Area

Map 12

Burnside Potential Mixed Use Area

Map 13

Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Conceptual Park Area


Regional Plan Draft 1 Table of Contents, Appendices, etc.

Table of Contents List of Tables List of Maps


Spring 2013 Community Engagement

Consultation with stakeholder groups and the general public is expected to get underway this spring. As information about the consultation is finalized by the Community Design Advisory Committee, it will be posted on the PlanHRM website. To receive information about upcoming consultation sessions, please email