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New 2014 Regional Plan now in effect...

Regional Council approved the revised Regional Plan on June 25, 2014 following a public hearing.

The Regional Plan was then reviewed by the Province to ensure consistency with provincial interests; the final step in the Regional Plan review/approval process.

On Saturday, October 18, 2014, with the publication of the Notice of Approval, the 2014 Regional Plan is in effect.


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Community Design Advisory Committee

Committee deliberations regarding the RP+5 process concluded in November 2013.


Past Discussions - Key Policy Areas

On December 12, 2012, the Community Design Advisory Committee (CDAC), the committee guiding the Regional Plan five-year review (RP+5) process, discussed a number of important issues, including that of greenbelting.

Get information on the definition of greenbelting, how HRM’s Regional Plan currently supports many elements of a greenbelt, and how the concept may be used to further enhance HRM’s natural areas and support complete communities.

Key Studies Informing Policy Direction

At its meeting on October 10, 2012, the Community Design Advisory Committee (CDAC) received presentations on three important studies:

The information provided through these studies will be used to inform new/revised policy and future public engagement.



Review of Proposed Policy Direction

Earlier in October, the CDAC completed a first round of review of proposed policy direction (possible changes to the Regional Plan). Altogether, five draft policy direction documents were presented to the CDAC for their discussion and recommendation.

HRM staff will now examine all of the committee's feedback and recommendations. Staff will return to the committee this fall with a detailed response and information to supplement that already provided.

Once all new/supplementary information has been reviewed, the CDAC will provide recommendations on policy direction to Regional Council's Community Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee (CPED). The CPED will give direction back to the CDAC and HRM staff on preparing the final policy amendments to the Regional Plan.

CDAC Policy Review Schedule*

July 4th
July 25th
August 1st
September 5th
September 19th
October 3rd

*The draft policy documents will be posted here when they are tabled with the CDAC, approximately 3-5 days before the meeting date.

The proposed policy documents are an important milestone of the RP+5 process. They provide a clear public record of proposed policy changes, public feedback on policy changes, and a response to this feedback.

Public comments are organized according to the five themes of the review - Sustainable, Vibrant, Livable, Mobile and Prosperous. During March-May 2012 HRM residents were invited to submit comments through a number of channels, including 7 regional public meetings, 2 focus groups with newcomers, several stakeholder meetings, an on-line survey, and submissions via e-mail, mail, and social media. All comments were forwarded to appropriate HRM staff for response and are reflected in the proposed policy documents. 

Given the volume of comments and submissions, it was necessary to organize and abbreviate some of the comments to ensure that all points of view were captured in a succinct and accessible manner. A complete record of all comments, public submissions, etc. can be accessed from this webpage at 'Consultation Summary'.


Density Bonusing Legislative Amendment

HRM has submitted a formal request for the Province to consider amending the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter to expand the use of density bonusing from downtown Halifax to the entire municipality. Read more...


Public Engagement Process...

Public engagement is vital to the Regional Plan 5 Year Review. Information sharing and consultation will help to shape recommendations to Regional Council on changes to the Regional Plan.

RP+5 Public Engagement Phases 1 & 2

Public Consultation Meetings

In March 2012, seven meetings and a kick off event were attended by over 500 citizens. Another 61 citizens participated on-line during two live-streamed events. The meetings were held in various HRM communities to discuss what has changed since the 2006 Regional Plan was adopted and how key policies need to address current challenges and future opportunities.

Public Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Stakeholder Engagement

HRM is committed to an open, transparent, and inclusive public engagement process.

Community and professional organizations, institutions, the business community, diverse cultural groups and other interest groups can participate in long range planning efforts in a variety of ways:

  • Attend public consultation sessions
  • Complete the survey (closed May 18/12)
  • Use social media tools and @PlanHRM on Twitter
  • Submit a letter by email or regular mail (until May 15/12):


    Mail: Halifax Regional Municipality, Regional Planning office, 2nd Floor, 40 Alderney Drive, PO Box 1749, Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

  • Share information on research and best practices with the staff team
  • Request to meet with staff (We will do our best to accommodate all requests subject to staff availability. All meetings will be logged in the public engagement summary report)
  • Contact your local councillor

Stakeholder meetings with key groups and organizations will take place throughout the public consultation program as requests are received.

Engaging with Government

We are also actively engaging with other levels of government, including First Nation governments.

RP+5 Public Opinion Survey

An on-line survey provided an another opportunity to be part of this process and more than 460 citizens provided input. The survey was open for about one month (and closed on May 15th). The survey was organized around the five themes of the review. The results will be part of the community engagement record and will inform changes to the Regional Plan.

Summary of Phases 1 and 2 Public Consultation

A report about all RP+5 engagement activities and public comments for RP+5 will be submitted to the Community Design Advisory Committee (CDAC) and will be posted online.

In the interim, a record of all comments received during public consultation either by e-mail, regular mail, social media, or as part of the public opinion survey can be found below. The comments are presented in their raw form, as they were received. The survey results can be accessed either in summary or in full. A summary of Phases 1 and 2 engagement activities is also provided, and an overview of "What we Heard".



RP+5 Public Consultation Phase 3

Phase 3I of public consultation is taking place this June.  Several events are planned, including 3 stakeholder group sessions, 3 public open houses and one final open house combined with a town-hall style public meeting.

There are also other ways to provide your input, including written comments by email or social media.

Stay informed through the communication channels listed at the bottom of this page and email us to get on the electronic mailing list.

All comments about the key issues being considered as a part of the Plan's 5-year review will be captured for the record and reviewed/ considered in the final edits to the draft Regional Plan before it goes to Regional Council in late summer/early fall (Phase 4).



RP+5 Public Consultation Phase 4

Phase 4, the Public Hearing, public hearing will be held on June 24, 2014 at the Halifax City Hall Council Chambers. The first official notice will appear in the Chronicle Herald on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Find out about next steps...