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Regional Plan - Draft 3

What's happening with Draft 3?

The Community Design Advisory Committee (CDAC) completed its review of Draft 3 on November 15th. CDAC will made its recommendations to Committee-of-the Whole (COW) on December 3rd and December 10th, 2013.

Follow this link to the COW agendas and materials presented in December.

Following Committee of the Whole's discussion, Regional Council directed further changes to the draft plan. HRM staff will return to Council with a final draft in the New Year.

The final draft will also be reviewed by Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) and the Design Review Committee (DRC) regarding certain proposed heritage-related amendments. Recommendations from HAC and DRC will go to Regional Council.



What's in the Draft 3 Package?

The Draft 3 package*, presented to the CDAC on October 2nd, included:

*All documents in PDF To PDF Acrobat Tips



What's the next opportunity for public input?

The next opportunity for public input on the draft revised Regional Plan will be the public hearing. A date for the hearing will be set by Regional Council at the time when the draft revised Regional Plan receives first reading.