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Case 20854
Amendments to the Halifax Peninsula Land Use By-law to protect the character and form of Young Avenue (HRM-initiated application)

Updated 08 February 2017

HRM has begun the process of amending the Halifax Peninsula Land Use By-law for Young Avenue to better protect the existing character and form of the street.

Regional Council considered a Staff Report on October 4, 2016, and approved the staff recommendation to refer the matter to Halifax & West Community Council. This report outlined options for protection of the character and form of Young Avenue, and recommended changes to the Halifax Peninsula Land Use By-Law.

This request originated with a motion from Regional Council on May 10, 2016:
MOVED by Councillor Mason, seconded by Councillor Hendsbee
THAT Halifax Regional Council request a staff report recommending best options to establish protections to the heritage and character of historic Young Avenue, including but not limited to:
1. Changes to the Land Use By-law related to lots size, coverage, frontage and dwelling count;
2. Establishing a Heritage Conservation District or Heritage Streetscape.

Staff have reviewed the R-1 Zone standards under the Halifax Peninsula Land Use By-law and determined that these standards do not reflect the majority of the lot fabric on Young Avenue.

Under the existing Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy (“MPS”), Young Avenue is designated Low-Density Residential within the South End Area Plan. Section V policy enables zoning within the Land Use By-law to “further define elements of scale, proportion, setback and use consistent with the policies of this Plan to ensure compatibility with the districts and neighbourhoods.”

Proposed amendments to the R-1 Zone would be in keeping with the intent of the MPS, and serve to better protect the character of Young Avenue. Based on initial analysis of existing lots in the area, the average lot areas and lot frontages are significantly larger than the minimum lot area and lot frontage required under the R-1 Zone. Under the current Land Use By-law regulations, 20 lots on Young Avenue have the potential for re-subdivision.

This application is being considered under the land use by-law amendment process. The amendment process will include public consultation and a public hearing.

Staff are writing a report which will include proposed amendments to the land use by-law. This report will be presented to Halifax & West Community Council in early 2017. A public hearing will need to be held prior to any decision by Community Council.

A public information meeting was held on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016. Districts 7 and 8 Planning Advisory Committee discussed this matter on November 28, 2016 and made a recommendation to Halifax & West Community Council to adopt proposed amendments to the land use by-law.

Relevant Documents

Young Ave Study Area Location and Zoning
Map of lots eligible for subdivision under existing R-1 Zone standards

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