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Application Forms

Any development proposal which requires approval by Community Council, Regional Council, or, if a project is located within the Downtown Halifax Plan Area, the Design Review Committee, is considered through a discretionary approval process. Please review the Guide to the Planning Approval Process for more information.


Planning Pre-Application Form - Preliminary review of a proposal

Planning Application Form - Full application to consider a Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Text Amendment to a Land Use By-law, Development Agreement, Amendment to a Development Agreement, Comprehensive Development District, etc.



Telecommunication Application - application for the construction of a telecommunication structure


Downtown Halifax Application Forms - map of plan area

With the adoption of the Downtown Halifax Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy in October 2009, a new review process for applications within this plan area was implemented. All applications are reviewed by the Design Review Committee. Please contact us for more information.

Site Plan Approval Pre-Application Form

Non-Substantive Site Plan Approval Application Form

Substantive Site Plan Approval Application Form

Certificate of Appropriateness Application Form - Heritage Conservation District

Frequently asked questions about the Downtown Halifax Development Public Consultation Process