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Surplus Property: 6067 Quinpool Road

Quinpool 6067 Site MapThe Property

6067 Quinpool Road, Halifax is the site of the former Quinpool Education Centre, and before that, Saint Patrick’s High School, which was constructed in the 1950s. The building was demolished in 2016 and the site is now vacant.

The property is located on the corner of Quinpool Road and Windsor Street. It is surrounded by mixed-use properties (commercial, residential, and open space). The site is approximately 3.5 acres and is subject to Centre Plan land use regulations.

The Quinpool Road property was discussed at a public meeting hosted by Councillor Jennifer Watts, District 8, Peninsula North, May 21, 2014, at Maritime Hall, Halifax Forum. Information was presented about the property that included its physical condition, the Administrative Order 50 disposal process, and what happens next. View the meeting notes [PDF].

Regional Council approved the property on July 22, 2014 as “Surplus” to municipal requirements, and categorized it as “Economic Development” , as per Administrative Order 50, respecting the disposal of municipal surplus real property.

The Planning Process & Property Disposal

In October 2014, the municipality issued a Request For Proposal for contract planning services to assist with the preparation of plan amendments for the property. The intent was to change the area municipal plan and to rezone the property to permit mixed uses, subject to Regional Council approval. WSP Canada in partnership with Architecture49 were hired. Under this project, the Shape Your City community engagement portal was launched in the summer of 2015 to gather public input and to provide information to the public about the project. Public open houses were held on July 22 at the Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose Centre and again on December 9, 2015, at the Atlantica Hotel.

WSP delivered their final report in the spring of 2016. The report (posted to Shape Your City community engagement portal), and the work leading up to it, including results from public consultation, were transferred to the Planning and Development business unit, which presented the information to the Planning Advisory Committee for consideration. The process of plan amendment and rezoning of the site and the overall Quinpool Road Centre will conclude with Regional Council’s approval of the Centre Plan in mid-2017. Following approval of Centre Plan, the surplus property at 6067 Quinpool Road will be marketed for disposal.