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Cogswell Interchange Lands Plan

The Vision

Several downtown studies have identified the Cogswell Interchange as an underutilized piece of transportation infrastructure. Redevelopment of this site is one of several initiatives aimed at building on recent successes in the downtown and further growing the Regional Centre.

Following public consultation through HRMbyDesign, The Downtown Halifax Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy and The Cogswell Shakeup, a high-level vision for the area was developed, focusing on high-quality, mixed-use, pedestrian/transit/active transportation-friendly redevelopment, connecting downtown to northern Peninsula neighbourhoods, and acting as a gateway to Downtown Halifax.

You can review the Lands Plan documents here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Watch a 3D Virtual Tour of Cogswell Transformed

This video represents the proposed future street layout and indications of possible private development. It is based on general Municipal Planning Strategy policy as well as Market Study indications on how the market might respond. The model is conceptual in nature and subject to further refinements through the Detailed Design process outlined in the Cogswell Lands Plan.

Next Steps

In 2014-15, a detailed design process will be undertaken which will include plans for demolition and reinstatement of municipal infrastructure, required real estate matters and any changes to Municipal Planning Strategies necessary to advance the Cogswell redevelopment. Halifax Regional Council has directed staff to share the Cogswell Lands Plan by making the plan available through this web site and through a Public Open House Information Session. That session will be scheduled and announced in near future.


The Halifax Regional Municipality conducted a detailed technical analysis of the potential redevelopment of the Cogswell Interchange lands in downtown Halifax.

Cogswell Interchange top showing Purdy's towers

Redevelopment of this site has been previously studied by HRM and other groups over the past decade, most recently as part of the HRMbyDesign Downtown Plan public engagement process from 2007-09. That resulted in a vision for the Interchange being embedded in the Downtown Halifax Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy.

Cogswell Interchange

This exercise will build on those discussions and visions to look at site redevelopment at a finer level of detail exploring transportation, engineering, urban design and financial requirements, in tandem, for the first time. This comprehensive analysis will then be utilized to inform Council and public discussions as to the practical future of the Cogswell Interchange and associated lands.

Cogswell Interchange bottom of aerial picture

These web pages are a resource for consultants, citizens and Council to find information and stay informed as this effort moves forward.