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Off Leash Parks Strategy

Off Leash Dog Park Survey: Through a motion of Halifax Regional Council held on June 24, 2014 municipal staff have been asked to review the existing Off Leash Parks Strategy to assess requirements, management and programing costs including the establishment of fenced off-leash parks. Residents are encouraged to provide their input via an online survey which will help inform Halifax Regional Council about park user opinion. Survey closes September 25th, 2014.

Decommissioning of Africville Off Leash Dog Park Background

Regional Council voted on June 24 to close the off-leash area at Africville as soon as a new site is identified and opened. Until that happens, the current site at Africville will remain an off-leash area. Councillors have asked that the new site be in place by the end of 2014. Council has identified land to the right (east) of the parking lot at Africville Park near the MacKay Bridge as a possible alternative site for the new off-leash park.

View the June 24, 2014 Council report: Decommissioning of Africville Off-Leash Dog ParkTo PDF Acrobat Tips

Proposed off-leash dog park site

Flinn Park Off Leash Area Proposal

The Off Leash Parks Strategy Committee has reviewed the following report of the recent public meeting concerning an application to consider an off leash area in Flinn Park.  The Committee also reviewed several emails from local residents regarding the application.  In light of the strong division of opinions for, and against, the off leash area, the Committee has decided that the development of an off leash area in Flinn Park would not be successful at this time and that it would serve to further divide the neighbourhood.  The Committee encourages local residents to continue to discuss this matter and seek out ways to achieve consensus.   In the meantime, dog owners are reminded that their pets must be leashed in all areas of the park.   

Flinn Park Community Meeting Report To PDF Acrobat Tips