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Walking in the HRM.

Fast Facts

  • There are four new trails added to the new edition of Get Out...Check It Out:  First Lake Glen Slaunwhite in Lower Sackville, the Halifax Urban Greenway in Halifax, the McIntosh Run Community Trail and Sir Sandford Fleming Park Trail in Spryfield.
  • When you are ready, take a challenge and try a hike on an HRM Wilderness Trail.  Information is available on the web for the Bluff Trail, Crowbar Trail, and White Lake Wilderness Trail.
  • The Chain of Lakes Trail Association (COLTA)is a newly formed community trail association that will be overseeing the development of an active transportation rails to trail greenway corridor fro Joseph Howe Avenue to the community of Beechville.  Stay tuned as this will be one of HRM's largest Active Transportation corridors.


  • Similar to eating different food groups, you should aim to have activity from different activity groups.
  • On average, it takes approximately one hour to walk 5-6 kilometres depending on the terrain.
  • Most of the wonderful trails that we do have here in HRM were developed, and are maintained by community volunteer groups.  Twenty-three different community trails groups from all across the municipality belong to the Halifax Regional Trails Association.
  • HRM has over 80 kilometres of bike lanes.  This, along with other bicycle infrastructure is increasing every year!


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