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Construction, Demolition and Renovation Debris

What is C & D Debris?

Home improvements add convenience and value to a home. But the waste created by these projects also can be an environmental burden.

Construction, demolition and renovation waste (C&D for short) like leftover lumber, old roofing and insulation, and used building materials accounts for 1/4 of all solid waste, taking up precious landfill space and wasting valuable resources.

C&D waste can be reduced and diverted from landfills.  This material includes, waste lumber, gyproc & shingles.

Construction & Demolition Transfer & Processing Facilities

Please call ahead to confirm which materials are accepted, hours of operation and the applicable fees.

Small amounts of home renovation waste may be accepted for curbside collection.

"Plan Right, Build Right, Recycle Right"

Plan Right

  • Do you need to completely rebuild or could you simply renovate or refurbish what you have now? A new coat of paint works wonders to brighten up a room;
  • Buy high quality, long lasting materials. It will save in the long run;
  • Buy the right amount. Make sure you have just enough for your project.
  • Talk to suppliers for advice on how much you need.

Build Right

  • Avoid damage during construction.
  • Protect building materials from weather.
  • Schedule deliveries to reduce on-site storage time and potential for damage, before installation.
  • Look for re-use opportunities. Good quality used fixtures or materials sometimes perform as good as new, and save money too.

Recycle Right

  • Can someone else re-use what you don't need?
  • Consider a renovation yard sale, classified ads or call second hand building materials outlets.

Check the Yellow Pages under 'Building Materials - Used' for companies that deal in used building supplies.

Some charities need furniture and appliances in good working order. Check the Yellow Pages under Second Hand Stores or Building Materials.

Builders and homeowners are responsible for proper management of C&D waste. Ask your contractor to provide a scale slip showing waste is disposed of properly.