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Businesses, Restaurants & Apartment Buildings

As part of HRM's solid waste resource management system, blue bag recyclables, fibre recyclables and organic material are unacceptable for landfill disposal. Therefore, a source separation program for these materials is required at all commercial properties in HRM as per By-Law S-600  (PDF).

Property owners are asked to contact their waste hauler to review collection services to include separate collection of:

  • Paper recyclables
  • Blue bag recyclables
  • Organic material (green carts)
  • Cardboard
  • Garbage

A list of haulers can be found under Garbage Collection and Recycling Services in the Yellow Pages.

Quick Reference Guides

Check these guides (pdf) for all the basic information property managers and landlords need to set up a proper solid waste program.

Waste Sorting Guides [pdf]

Signage Requirements

Signs are required to be posted to give staff, tenants or visitors instructions for proper sorting.

The following signs (in pdf format) can be downloaded and printed:





In cases where apartment buildings have a garbage chute, a sign must be posted telling residents where to find bins for recycling and organics collection.

C&D Debris

Construction, Demolition and Renovation (C&D) debris such as lumber, old roofing, gyproc, concrete, etc. must be brought to a C&D processing facility. C&D debris cannot be mixed with regular garbage.

Check our section on Construction & Demolition Material for more information.

Fat, Oil & Grease

Used cooking oil and trap grease must be collected by a rendering service for recycling.

Where to Buy Recycling Containers

Your hauler will typically provide bins for the outside of your building in accordance with the type of equipment they use. 

If you are looking to buy compost bins or recycling containers, check the RRFB Nova Scotia Resource list for other container suppliers. Many local retailers also carry a selection of containers to choose from, depending on your need. 

Please note: Cracker boxes or other box board packaging (acceptable for composting), ice cream containers and coleslaw or plastic laundry pails are inexpensive and re-usable counter top mini-bin alternatives.

Other Resources

Our Halifax Recycles web widget and mobile app can be used to search whate goes where.

HRM Solid Waste Resources can deliver presentations and workshops to businesses and groups who want to know more about Reducing, Reusing, Recycling & Composting in our area. We also maintain a presence throughout the Region at festivals and events. Call us at 490-2865, 490-5479, 490-3819 or 490-5040 or send an email to for more information. These education initiatives are made possible by funding from RRFB Nova Scotia.

Sorting It Out : A Guide to Waste Reduction, Recycling & Composting in Quick Service Restaurants.  Prepared by RRFB Nova Scotia.