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Regional Plan

Effective August 26, 2006

2006 Regional Plan

Regional Municipal Planning Strategy (Regional Plan)To PDF Acrobat Tips

  (Text Only - 1.00MB)

Regional Plan Maps:

  1. Settlement and Transportation  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (464KB)
  2. Generalized Future Land Use  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (5.46MB) (36"X60")
  3. Trails and Natural Networks  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (836KB)
  4. Parks and Natural Corridors  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (831KB)
  5. Significant Habitats and Endangered Species  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (1.10MB)
  6. Opportunity Sites within the Regional Centre  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (560KB)
  7. Future Transit and Transportation  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (280KB)
  8. Road Hierarchy Classification  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (917KB)
  9. Halifax Harbour Plan Proposed Land Use  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (490KB)
  10. Cultural Significance  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (390KB)
  11. Areas of Elevated Archaeological Potential  To PDF Acrobat Tips  (1.05MB)
  12. Burnside Potential Mixed Use Area  To PDF Acrobat Tips (725KB)
  13. Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Conceptual Park Area  To PDF Acrobat Tips (575KB)

Regional Subdivision By-law   To PDF Acrobat Tips (6.03MB)

 Subdivision By-law Schedules (maps):

Schedule B - Service Requirement Map  To PDF Acrobat Tips (8.8MB)

Schedule H - Interim Growth Boundary Map

Schedule I - Transit And Transportation Map  To PDF Acrobat Tips (3.42MB)

Schedule J - Beaverbank Hammonds Plains GMA Map  To PDF Acrobat Tips (2.00MB)



Q.  Can I buy a copy of the Regional Plan?

A.  Yes, copies of the Regional Plan are available for purchase in hardcopy at the Development Approvals/Planning Applications Offices. 

(Find the office location most convenient to you)


PLEASE NOTE: Many of the files are large and may take some time to open. If you cannot open a file due to its size, you may wish to purchase a hardcopy or compact disc at the offices of Planning and Development Services.

The documents below are electronic conversions of the text of the official copies of the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy (RMPS), Regional Subdivision By-law and Land Use By-law Amendments to implement the RMPS in the Halifax Regional Municipality. These consolidations are unofficial copies and are provided for reference purposes only. There may be amendments that have been approved but have not yet been included in this consolidated version. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these electronic copies, the Halifax Regional Municipality assumes no responsibility for discrepancies that may have resulted from reformatting for electronic publication or from delays in updating recently approved amendments. Please consult the appropriate official source for confirmation of the content as well as clarification of any interpretations of the information contained in the documents. These documents are copyrighted to Halifax Regional Municipality and may not be copied for the purpose of resale.***


2006 Regional Plan Public Process

Regional Council's debate on the Regional Plan, Regional Subdivision By-law and related amending by-laws for Halifax Regional Municipality concluded Tuesday, June 27, 2006 with the adoption of these documents. 

The documents were reviewed by Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations pursuant to Section 208 of the Municipal Government Act.  The Regional Plan, Regional Subdivision By-law and amending by-laws officially came into effect on August 26, 2006. 

Hydrostone, HalifaxCheltenham Rowhouses, Downtown DartmouthThree houses, Agricola St., Halifax



Regional Plan: Public Hearing

A Public Hearing for the proposed Regional Plan, Regional Subdivision By-law, and amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategies and Land Use By-laws of Halifax Regional Municipality necessary to implement the Regional Plan, was held Tuesday, May 16, 2006. 

Fifty-eight (58) speakers appeared before Council.  Upon hearing from all speakers, the public hearing was closed. 

By motion of Council, a staff report was requested responding to the issues raised by Council, members of the public, and through the public submissions received for the hearing.  Council deferred its decision to approve the Regional Plan, pending receipt of the staff report and responses to the public hearing submissions.

Staff Report (June 7, 2006) (4.16MB - includes maps) To PDF Acrobat Tips

Text portion only of staff report (222KB) To PDF Acrobat Tips

Addendum to Staff Report (June 9, 2006) (1.0MB - includes maps) To PDF Acrobat Tips

Text portion only of staff report (92KB) To PDF Acrobat Tips

Response to Regional Plan Public Hearing Submissions (470KB) To PDF Acrobat Tips


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Regional Plan: First Reading

(April 26, 2006) The final draft of the Regional Plan was presented at Committee-of-the-Whole on Tuesday, April 25, 2006.  At the C.O.W. session, Council discussed changes to the plan, outlined in a report from the Regional Planning Committee. 

At the regular evening session of Regional Council on Tuesday, April 25, 2006, the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy (Regional Plan) and Regional Subdivision By-law were given First Reading.


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Musquodoboit TrailPoint Pleasant Park, Halifax