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Priorities Plans

The updated 2014 Regional Plan calls for the creation of several new operational (management) plans. Called "Priorities Plans", they contain more detailed actions to be taken to carry out the policy directives of the Regional Plan. These actions may include regulations, programs, facilities or partnerships, and associated budgetary requirements. The Priorities Plans are not considered a legal part of the Regional Plan and can be amended/updated without necessarily changing regional policy (in the Regional Plan).

These operational/management-type plans were called Functional Plans in the first Regional Plan (2006); in all 21 Functional Plans (FP) were identified. Since 2006, most have been completed; some partially completed. When the revised Regional Plan was adopted in 2014, the fully completed manangement plans were identified for ongoing implementation. One example of this progression is the Urban Forest Master Plan.

In 2006, HRM committed to "preparing an urban forest functional plan to identify design guidelines and a management strategy to maximize the urban forest" (Policy E-20; Section 2.4.3). In 2014, the revised Regional Plan recognized the Urban Forest Master Plan as providing a comprehensive urban forest neighbourhood approach to maximizing the urban forest... to ensure a sustainable future for our urban forest. Updated policy (E-10; Section 2.2.6) states "the recommendations of the Urban Forest Master Plan, adopted in principle September 2012, shall be considered in planning, programming and regulatory activities related to managing and enhancing the urban forest cover in HRM". The master plan's implementation is ongoing.

The following provides links and other information about the region's priorities plans. THis page will continue to be updated as these priority plans are completed/updated.

[1]:  Not yet presented to Regional Council
[2]: Approval deferred by Regional Council