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Regional Plan Studies and Reports

Regional Planning Studies & Reports

Regional Plan

Regional Municipal Planning Strategy (Regional Plan)
Regional Subdivision Bylaw
Amendments to Land Use By-Laws

Watershed Studies

[All studies in PDF To PDF Acrobat Tips; large files containing maps; graphics; etc.]
Musquodoboit Harbour Watershed Study
Musquodoboit Harbour Watershed Follow-up Study

Regional Plan Amendments

Wind Energy - Siting of Wind Turbines

Parkland Dedication

HRM Economic Strategy

2011-16 A Greater Halifax Economic Strategy

Urban Design Studies and Plan Reviews

Dartmouth Main Street Area Plan Review

Bedford Waterfront Urban Design Study
Birch Cove Urban Design Study
Fall River Community Planning Process

Reports, Studies and Guidelines

Reports, Proposed Policies and Regulations for Siting of Wind Energy Facilities in HRM - Project 00953

Sea Level Rise

Birch Cove/Susies Lake Area


North West Arm View Plane Study
Cost of Servicing Study and Requests to Initiate Secondary Planning Strategies (Community Plan Amendment Requests)

Water Resources Management Strategy for Nova Scotia

Infrastructure Charges Study
Guide to Open Space Development
Guidelines for Groundwater Assessment and Reporting
Daylighting of Watercourses
Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Assessment Study