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Tax Due Date Program
Monthly Withdrawal
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The Pre-Authorized Payment plan offers you the convenience of having no cheques to write, no worries about overdue payments, and no line-ups at your bank or customer service centres.  Enrolment in the plan is free and there are no service charges.  Eligibility in the program requires all taxes to be paid up-to-date and you do not pay your taxes with your mortgage.

  1. Pay Your Current Balance on your account.

Your Tax Account must be paid in full.  If you have just received a bill, you must send in your payment separately from the plan (see payment plan options below).


  2. Choose A Plan


Tax Due Date Option

This program allows the customer to pay their taxes on the due dates each year by signing an agreement to withdraw the actual amount of each bill - the Interim and the Final Tax Bill. The tax account must be a zero balance prior to selecting this option.

The due dates are normally the last business day of April and the last business day of October each year.

Monthly Withdrawal or Bi-Weekly Withdrawal Option

This program is a substitute for post-dated cheques. To assist in budgeting; this program can be used to make regular monthly or bi-weekly payments on your accounts.

The Pre-Authorized Payment Enrolment Form must be signed indicating the type of withdrawal, monthly or bi-weekly amount and date the payment is to be withdrawn. The amount will be automatically transferred from your Canadian financial institution to your account with us. You will receive your regular billings to maintain your payment records.

**Please note**

Interest will be charged on outstanding balances at a rate of 15 percent annually (simple daily interest)

If your PAP returns from the bank, a fee of $40.00 is applied to your account. Two Returned automatic debits will result in removal from the program.


If you have a payment posting inquiry, questions, or comments you may phone 311(HRM) or 1-800-835-6428 (NS only) or you may email us at


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Important Information Regarding the Program

Pre Authorized Payment Form


  1. To change your banking information, please contact us and provide a new void Canadian cheque at least fifteen (15) business days prior to your next monthly payment.

  2. If you wish to cancel your pre-authorized payments and/or if you sell your property, we require notice of cancellation fifteen (15) business days prior to the next scheduled payment. You can do this by calling 311 from within Nova Scotia. Payment may not be eligible for return after the closing date.

Once you begin the pre-authorized payment program, it will automatically continue unless you contact us with a request for cancellation.

The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan on the monthly/biweekly option is based on 12 or 26 equal payments running from Nov to Oct.

Your monthly/biweekly payments start going toward your next year’s INTERIM Tax bill which is due the last business day of April.

This would be 6 or 13 payments, November to April.                                                        

Your next 6 or 13 payments, May to October, go toward your FINAL Tax bill, due the last business day of October.



ALL Tax Payers on Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP), MUST examine their final bill to make sure they do not have a balance owing at October 31st.

If so, you should make sure you pay the balance, so your tax account remains current. Contact us, as you may require an increase in your payment amount.

Interest will be charged on outstanding balances at a rate of 15 percent annually.



TO APPLY for the pre-authorized payment program return the completed application form with your void Canadian cheque at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the date you would like to start automatic withdrawals.

Pre Authorized Payment FormPDF  To view these files, you need Adobe Acrobat reader.

You may input your information, print or save the Pre Authorized Payment Form, then take your completed form and void cheque to an HRM Customer Service Center.

Or mail to:

Halifax Regional Municipality
Payment Processing
PO Box 1749
Halifax NS B3J 3A5

Or fax to:  (902) 490-4005 - ATTN: Cash Management

Or Email to: cashmgmt[at] Be sure to attach the saved .pdf file of the enrolment form and scanned void cheque/official banking information.


If you require assistance, call 311(HRM)or 1-800-835-6428 from within Nova Scotia or email us at Cash Management