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Residential Property Tax Exemption Program for Homes Destroyed by Fire

Purpose of the Program is to adjust property taxes for homeowners whose principal residence has been destroyed or partially destroyed by fire, until such time as the next annual assessment is done and takes effect.

Who is Eligible?

The program is for HRM homeowners who have a major fire in their home (principle place of residence). Properties that may be eligible, include owner-occupied homes, such as:

  • a single-family home
  • the portion of multi-family home occupied by the homeowner(s)
  • a mobile home, if the homeowner owns the land on which the home is located.

Eligibility is determined as per Administrative Order 10 section 5, 7.2 &7.3 and By-law T-700 section 2.1 e and 3.6 a.

How do People Apply?

Homeowners who have had a fire in their home should contact HRM Residential Tax Exemption Program staff at 490-4201 or by e-mail at lynchv[at]

How long will it take to process my application?

Applications will take 2 to 8 weeks to process, depending on whether a re-assessment has already taken place. The timing of the fire will also affect the timing of the final calculations. All rebates are calculated based on the final (October) tax bill.