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St. Patrick's Alexandra Site

St Patrick's Alexandra Site

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) called on non-profit community groups to submit their proposals regarding potential future use of the St. Patrick’s Alexandra site.

Applicants had 90 days to submit their proposals. The closing date was Tuesday, November 12 2013.

Below is the formal Call for Submissions, as well as important information on the site's property condition. The Call for Submissions outlines the procedure for disposal of St. Patrick’s Alexandra site, the information that should be contained in the submissions, as well as the evaluation criteria. Site visits for applicants were held on Saturday, August 17th and Friday, August 23rd.

Next Steps:

HRM staff will evaluate the submissions and report to HRM Regional Council. Council is not bound by the evaluation that HRM staff provides upon assessment of the proposals. Council will weigh the beneficial considerations of any submission against the benefit to the Municipality of selling the property at market value.

Property Condition and Other Information:

Operational Costs for St. Pat's Alexandra


Questions from Potential Applicants (Q1 - 9)

Clarification and Questions on the Proceedure of Disposal (Q10 - 15)

Call for Submissions St. Pat’s Alexandra Site


St. Pat's Alexandra site visitation form


St. Pat's Alexandra School Building Condition Assessment (HRM), as undertaken by Eagle Project Management

August 12, 2013

Property Condition and Other Information. Click on the links below to view the information reports:

Colliers International Valuation Report for Land

June 21, 2013

Halifax Regional School Board

School Review Process - Impact Assessment Reports


The following building condition assessment and environmental reports were released to HRM by the HRSB at time of property transfer. HRM does not warrant the accuracy of the information. 

Building Audit and Capital Investment for 20 year Building Life

May 14, 2008

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment  St. Pat’s Alexandra School

February 7, 2011

Phase II Hazardous Materials Assessment  St. Pat’s Alexandra School

May 18, 2011

Briefing on St. Pat’s Alexandra Property (Summary of HRSB information as compiled by HRM)




HRM previously hosted a public consultation and information session in June, to provide the community with the opportunity to discuss and comment on future options for the St. Patrick's Alexandra site.

Community Engagement Information:

A consultation session was held on Wednesday, June 26 at the Halifax North Memorial Public Library.

This public consultation and information session provided the local community with the opportunity to discuss and comment on future options for the St. Patrick's Alexandra site.

Miss the meeting but still want to participate or need some information?

St Patrick's Alexandra Site Survey

Your opinions and vision on the future of the site matter.   

Take the survey, and let us know your thoughts and ideas.

St Patrick's Alexandra Site Photos

Take a tour of the site and view what the building and grounds look like in their currect condition.

Internal and external photos available to view.
St Patrick's Alexandra June 26 presentation

HRM Staff provided information to meeting attendees on the background of the site, the next steps for assessment and how future proposals will be evaluated. 

Click here to view the June 26 Presentation.

St Patrick's Alexandra Meeting Minutes June 26

Notes were taken by HRM Staff to document the many ideas and opinions offered by those in attendance. 

Click here to view the meeting minutes.

Click here to view the list of ideas from participants.

Click here to view the posters created by participants.