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Shape Your City

Ever want to share your input on a project or public engagement but can't attend a meeting? Shape Your City is a new way to connect more people in Halifax on community issues that matter to everyone, without attending meeting at a given time or place.

Current projects are featured at the top of the page, and archived projects remain available for you to look at on the right hand side, under "Current & Past Engagements". Please simply click on the one that you would like to look at and you will be redirected to the project page.

This online hub will complement traditional consultation activities like open houses and town halls by making the broader engagement programs more inclusive, accessible and easier to share your opinions through tools like discussion forums, quick polls and surveys.

If you have something to say about any of our current projects, don’t keep it to yourself! Take this opportunity to get involved, read what people are saying and tell us what you think to help Council make better informed decisions and Shape Your City for our shared benefit.


Current Community Engagement Sessions:

Mainland Linear Trail

Halifax Green Network

Fort Needham Memorial Park

Downtown Dartmouth Plan Update


Past Engagement Projects were:

Halifax Transit Five Year Service Plan - Moving Forward Together

Hollis Street Bicycle Lane

North Park Intersection Redesign

Procedure for the disposal of the St. Patrick's Alexandra Site

Shape your Budget 2015

Solid Waste Resources Strategy Review