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CarShareHFX and SmartTrip


CarShareHFX provides hourly, daily and weekly access to a fleet of cars that can be booked online. Rates include gas, parking, maintenance, insurance, MacPass, winter tires and roadside assistance.


Dynamic Duo Offer

The Dynamic Duo applies to registered SmartTrip EPass or UPass user, you are eligible to acess the CarShareHFX Liberty Basic program ($2.75 per hour + km) for only $8 per month without paying the annual fee ($40) or the Membership Bond ($500).


CarShareHFX for Workplaces and Government

CarShareHFX is a great way for businesses, NGOs and government departments to save money. With CarShareHFX, you always have the right-sized fleet and you can hire the person with the appropriate skills, not the car!

CarShare Info
Acquired Brain Injury Community Team, Capital Health


Talk to CarShareHFX about:

  • What is carsharing and what are you trying to achieve by considering carsharing?
  • How carsharing works.
  • Address urban issues for developers and discuss how carsharing can alleviate and even enhance a development for a win-win.
  • What is the business model for developers re: carsharing? What are the viable trade offs?
  • Issues such as: Stall/unit ration, increase number of units with decreased number of parking stalls, potential market issues.



Pam Cooley |
2459 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4C1
By appointment only