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Commuter Challenge 2016

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)

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Commuter Challenge 2016 | June 5 - 11

Commuter Challenge

From June 5 to 11, give your car the day off and try walking, cycling, rollerblade, carpool, take transit, or work from home. Join the fun, week-long competition between Canadian workplaces and show your organization’s commitment to employee health and our environment while encouraging active, safe, and vibrant communities.

Become a workplace coordinator – it’s easy, fun and encourages creativity!


How it works

  • register your workplace before Commuter Challenge week any time before the end of the challenge
  • to be included in the final results, you need to make at least one sustainable commute during Commuter Challenge week; of course you can commute sustainably every day
  • registration and commute login information will be accepted until Saturday, June 18
  • results are updated daily to track Canadaian workplaces and cities with the the healthiest commuters

Registration and Challenge Information | Commuter Challenge 2016

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)

GRH provides employees who commute via public transit, carpool or bike with guaranteed transportation home in the event of a personal emergency.  This peace of mind encourages many employees to more likely utilize alternative commute modes.

GRH programs were developed to reduce traffic congestion through the reduction of single occupant vehicle trips.  The GRH program offers the final incentive for commuters who are on the fence about leaving their car at home.  The program provides an invaluable resource of free, back-up transportation.

  • GRH is easy to implement
  • provides a low cost employee benefit, that can be easily included in new employee benefit packages
  • supports recruiting and retention goals
  • increases employee satisfaction and commitment
  • reduces employee turnover
  • demonstrates that employers care about employees' well-being and are willing to provide support services
  • decreases the amount of parking an employer needs to provide

Employee | Questions & Answers
Employer | Questions & Answers
*Registration Form

*Employer must be a SmartTrip Partner in order to participate in Guaranteed Ride Home

Drive Less

Sustainable transportation. Active transportation. Shared transportation.

There are a lot of ways we can get around without needing to own a vehicle. Or maybe you already own a vehicle and are looking for options (alternatives) to use it less. Before you make a big purchase decision and commit to all of the expenses of owning a car, consider some of these solutions available to help you DriveLess.








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