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carpoolingShare your driving with friends and co-workers

Cut down on your commuting costs

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RideSharing or CarPooling reduce the impact of automobiles on our roadways and our environment -very simply - by travelling in groups rather than alone, carpooling decreases the number of vehicles on our roads.

  • Many employers offer preferred parking spots or reduced parking rates for vehicles with multiple occupants. The cost of fuel is shared. 
  • Reduces traffic congestion, for each additional passenger - that could be one less vehicle on the road in rush hour.
  • Ensures that you will leave the office at the same time every day, rather than when work finishes.
  • Make better use of your time:  prepare for meetings, catch up on the latest news, or just converse with friends.

CAA Driving Costs Calculator


  • Halifax’s on-line ride-matching program offers a simple, secure way to find co-workers, classmates and even new friends going your way


  • Flexible carpool scheduling
  • Ability to search for matches along your route to work
  • Ability to search for matches within your work group or based on your
  • personal preferences
  • The system can be used to match carpool, transit, cycling and even walking partners
  • System includes a Parking space finder







Frequently Asked Questions:

Who does the driving?
You and the other member(s) of the your carpool decide. In some cases, participants will take turns, while in others there will only be one driver

What if I don't have a car?
No problem, when registering simply indicate that you only wish to be a passenger

Do I have to carpool everyday?
No, You can choose to carpool everyday, or only a couple of days a week. allows you to indicate when you are available to carpool

Getting Started - Carpool Starter Kit




We provide our SmartTrip partners with a Carpool Starter Kit including:

  • Carpool Application Forms
  • Carpool Regulations
  • Carpool Parking Permits
  • Carpool Parking Only Signs
  • Tips for a successful Carpooling

This kit is designed to provide employers with everything they need to implement and make their carpool program a success.


Carpool Savings Calculator

Looking to Carpool Out of Town?

Check out Maritime RideShare

We love ridesharing. We love doing it.

We love meeting new people. We love getting to know someone that we didn’t know at all before. You meet people from all walks of life. You learn about jobs you never knew existed before. You hear incredible stories. You learn new things. About other people. About our world. About yourself.

We also love being smart. Ridesharing is inexpensive and fast. It’s smart! Ridesharing gets you there basically as fast as ground transport can get you there. On top of that, if you pay a fair fee, drivers are often willing, to take you door to door; which is amazing! No taxis to the bus station or pick up spot. No inner-city bus or asking a friend or parent to come pick you up. Time, money, convenience, and IOUs are all saved when you rideshare.


A commuter vanpool is a group of seven to fifteen people who ride to and from work each day in a comfortable passenger van. Vanpooling generally costs about the same each month as you now pay for gasoline alone. Arrive at work relaxed, refreshed, and ready for your day. Plus, save wear and tear on your car too.

You can ride most vanpools on a full-time or occasional basis, whichever fits your schedule. Full-time passengers have reserved seats and ride on a month-to-month basis. Occasional passengers ride on a space-available basis and pay a set fee per trip. And if you're the driver, you get free use of the van after-hours!

Green Rider Ltd. is a commuter van service in business since 1981. They organize groups of commuters who live along a common route in rural Nova Scotia and have similar work or school hours within the Halifax Regional Municipality.

They also transport people for day trips to areas in and around downtown Halifax and Dartmouth for appointments and other occasions.

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