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Organizations that have embraced flexible work programs report marked return on investment through savings in real estate costs, increases in employee productivity, attraction and retention rates and significant reduction in the organization’s carbon footprint. work shifting replaces unnecessary commutes with a commute on the information highway.

By revolutionizing the way we “go” to the office, work shifting can help reduce commuter congestion and businesses can realize major operational savings.

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SmartWork: You don't have to GO to Work to BE at Work

SmartWork is the ability to work when and where employees and managers determine they are most effective, productive or needed - in a work environment where the employees and managers are supported by the organization's leadership, the IT infrastructure, and most importantly the corporate culture.

If you would like to:

  • Improve employee productivity, retention & motivation

  • Be prepared with a business continuity plan (staying operational in the face of serious issues like weather)

  • Increase the flexibility of real estate costs and usage

  • Enhance your corporate image


working at home


May include working from home, a distributed work centre or client site, typically one or two days a week

Reduces pressure on public infrastructure including roads and the transit system

10 minute commute to the office (a 20 minute round trip) consumes Two 40 - hour weeks a year!


How much would you save by Teleworking? Use this calculator: Telework Calculator


Yoga StretchFlextime refers to a work schedule that allows the employee to set their own work hours within limits establishedby management.

Enhance the balance between personal life and work. Includes earned days off, staggered work hours and reduced work hours.

This practice has been credited with reductions in tardiness and absenteeism, increases in employee morale and deemed and incentive for recruitment and retention.

An employer may introduce flextime in order to maintain or increase work efficiency and improve services offered to the public.


Compressed Work Week

happyfaceThursdays are the new Fridays for a growing number of workers whose employers have switched to a "4-10" workweek. - That is - Four days at 10 hours each. And, Three Day Weekends, Every Weekend!!!

Alternative work hours can help reduce the traffic volume during the morning and evening peak commuter periods. Getting to and from work is faster and easier

Less absenteeism

Employees find work-life balance is much easier to manage. Outcomes - rather than hours are what matters


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