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Wheel Facts!

The average household spends over $8,000 per year on owning and driving their cars more than they spend on food!! It costs approximately $300 to maintain a bike.

  • 3 hours of biking per week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50% = Healthy Employees, and according to Statistics Canada – some of the happiest commuters are those who commute by bike!!
  • Quick Fact – 10 bikes can park in the space that is used by a single motor vehicle!!!

Bike-Friendly Certification

Bike-Friendly Certification Image

People who choose cycling as their main or occasional mode of transportation are growing in numbers. Through Bike-Friendly Certification, your business or organization will stand out in the eyes of potential employees, clients and customers as a leader in growing a cycling-supportive city.

Businesses, schools and other organizations that participate in the program will receive a level of certification based on their level of support for cycling as a viable transportation choice for their staff, tenants, clients, customers or students.

Learn more and apply online.



Cycling 1.0
Our SmartCycle Lunch and Learn sessions to help teach non-bikers feel more comfortable on the road. A certified Can-Bike instructor will visit your workplace and show you how to prevent spills and increase your safety in traffic.

These sessions are focused on recreational and utilitarian use of the bicycle rather than the competition. SmartCycle is all about how to make your ride to work safer and more comfortable.


Basic Bike Repair 2.0

This session will provide the rider with a better understanding of how a bicycle works, how to fix basic issues and how to name the different parts of the bike.

SmartCycle sessions are very flexible and can be customized to your worksite and are held at your convenience. You can book lunch sessions, evening sessions or weekend sessions.

To arrange a SmartCycle Lunch & Learn simply contact: We would love to set up a SmartCycle session for you at your worksite.

**At SmartTrip we also provide Bike Rack Location Audits for our employer partners - we can assist with determining the most appropriate locations for bike racks.

SmartCycle Cycling Safety Handbook

Bike Maps

HRM Trail Maps

Google Maps - Cycling

Bikes On Transit

bikes on transitHalifax Transit’s bike racks are designed to encourage active living in our community. Passengers can now bike to a Halifax Transit Terminal and have the option to either use one of our convenient bike lockers or take their bikes along on the bike rack. Read more...


Cycling in Halifax

Encourage co-workers to go for a walk/wheel at lunch.  Check out Cycling in Halifax.

Cycling Sessions - Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)

Bike Maintenance 101
Cost: $10
This clinic is best suited to beginners who are new to bike maintenance. In this session you will learn about bike parts and their functions, how to diagnose problems and perform basic maintenance, how to fix a flat tire, and when to bring your bike in for more major repairs.

Bike Maintenance 201 – Topics Rotate
Cost: $20
Bike Maintenance 201 is designed for the more advanced cyclist who wants to learn how to work on their own bike. Our advanced, 201 clinics are held once a week.All clinics are led by trained mechanics, and the 201 clinics are hands-on clinics led by one of our senior mechanics, giving you a small class size to really get involved and learn a new skill.

MEC Ride Club
Cost: FREE
9:00AM Start time
MEC hosts a free group ride every Sunday at 9:00AM at the Halifax store! A great opportunity to get out, find some new riding partners and maybe pick-up some tips on technique and gear. Typical routes range from 20-50km and happen rain or shine. Please come dressed for the weather. All levels welcome.

Please visit to register for all events. Space is limited.

 Bike Valet Service for Events

Having hundreds of people descend on an event in their cars can be a nightmare for both participants and organizers. Clean Nova Scotia operates, Halifax's Bike Valet Service.

Bike Valet It's like a coat check for bicyles. It is an attended, secure bicylce parking lot

  • Stores up to 100 bikes
  • Helps keep events tidy and green

For more information or to book Bike Valet
Contact: Geoff McCain, Phone (902) 420- 7943




Tips and Links

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colourful bikes







running shoes

      • The Affordable Option, Be Healthy, and Save $$
      • Choose to Walk, Run, Wheel
  • Turn your commute into exercise, active commuting is the clean, healthy and congestion free alternative. Where distance permits, walking and cycling are the most reliable and predictable means of transport to and from work.
  • Active commuting helps reduce stress and improves productivity.  Because walking and cycling are predictable, the stresses of being delayed, traffic gridlock and parking are removed.


Walking in Halifax
Heart and Stroke Walkabout