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Service UpdatesWhenwillmystreetorsidewalkbecleared

There is currently no weather event underway.

This page will be updated to indicate when there is a declared weather event underway and when it has officially ended. The municipality declares a weather event to have ended once snowfall ceases in all areas of the municipality and no further precipitation is expected within the same weather system. Click on the links below for information on:

Clearing Operations

Municipal streets and sidewalks are cleared based on priority levels outlined in the chart below. When a weather event is declared, regular updates on clearing operations, including salting, sanding and overnight snow removal, will be shared here.

Date/Time: Friday, Feb. 24 - 4:30 p.m.
Weather Event End Time: N/A

Street Status: Mechanical street clearing operations completed; crews will be on stand-by to address any potential clogged catch basins and water pooling on street due to melting snow and precipitation.

Sidewalks & Bus Stops:

Ninety-nine (99) per cent of sidewalks have been cleared, with isolated sections remaining that require snow removal or that present service challenges. Crews will continue to address these outstanding sections until all are completed.


Think Before You Park - refrain from parking on narrowed streets where vehicles may create a safety issue, make the road impassable, restrict emergency vehicle access, or impede snow clearing operations.

Please note vehicles can be ticketed and towed at any time of day under S. 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act if they are impeding snow clearing operations, and under S. 148 for stopping or parking in an area when there is less than 3 metres of roadway for traffic.

The municipality thanks residents for their patience and understanding during clean-up of this exceptional weather event.

Important Safety Message:
Please keep children away from building snow forts, tunnels or playing on/in the snow banks and piles that are on or near the streets and sidewalks. Our equipment may be removing the snow in these areas.

Is the Overnight Parking Ban on tonight?

The municipal overnight winter parking ban is in effect annually from Dec. 15 to Mar. 31. The ban is enforced from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. during declared weather events and snow removal operations only. Daily updates on the ban's status are provided during the winter season. Residents should also be aware that tickets can be issued and vehicles can be towed any time during the day or night if they are interfering with snow-clearing operations, as per Section 139 of the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act.

Status: The overnight winter parking ban has been lifted until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Impact to Municipal Services

In the event that bad weather leads to cancellations, closures or delays that affect municipal facilities and services, regular updates will be shared here.

Date/Time: N/A
Status: N/A

When will my street/sidewalk be cleared?

Crews begin their work before bad weather arrives by applying salt and/or brine (as appropriate) and will begin clearing once the snow starts to accumulate. The chart below shows when clearing should be finished and what your street or sidewalk should look like when the job is done. Note: clearing timelines may be exceeded during exceptional weather events.

Once a weather event has been declared in the Halifax region, follow these steps:

  • Find the priority level for your street here.
  • Check the chart below for when clearing should be completed.
  • If your street or sidewalk has not been cleared by the indicated time, please email or contact 311 so crews can be dispatched to address the issue.

Street Clearing Timelines

NOTE: Exceptional weather conditions may require more time for clearing than indicated in the chart.  

Street type When clearing begins When clearing should be completed What clearing should look like

Main Arterials
(Priority 1)

For example: Robie Street, Sackville Street, Portland Street

After 2 cm of snowfall

12 hours from end of weather event to full driving lanes

Bare pavement driving lanes
Bare pavement driving lanes

Transit Routes & Collector Roads
(Priority 1)

For example: Parkland, Caledonia Rd, Metropolitan Ave

After 2 cm of snowfall

12 hours from end of weather event to 3 metres centreline bare

3 metres centreline bare
3m centerline bare

Residential Streets with greater than 10% slope that serve as snow routes for Halifax Transit
(Priority 1)

For example: Vestry Street, Joffre Street, Lindsay Hill

After 4 cm of snowfall

12 hours from end of weather event to centre line bare and 2 lane width

Centreline bare
Centreline Bare

Residential Streets
(Priority 2)

For example: Cork Street, Anderson Street, Chandler Drive

After 10 cm of snowfall

Cut-throughs completed within first 6 hours and repeated every 8 hours during extended periods of snow

cut through

After 10 cm of snowfall

24 hours from end of weather event to 2 lane widths

Snow-covered, passable
Snow covered passable

Gravel Roads and Private Lanes
(Priority 2)


After 10 cm of snowfall

24 hours from end of weather event to snow-covered, passable state

Snow-covered, passable
Snow covered passable

Sidewalk Clearing Timelines

Sidewalk type When clearing begins When clearing should be completed What clearing should look like
Downtown Halifax & Dartmouth
(Priority 1)
After 5 cm of snowfall

12 hours from end of weather event

Snow covered sidewalk

cleared sidewalk

Main Arterials
(Priority 1)


After 15 cm of snowfall

12 hours from end of weather event

See above

School Drop Off Zones and Transit Routes
(Priority 2)

After 15 cm of snowfall

18 hours from end of weather event

See above

Residential Streets/ Walkways
(Priority 3)

After 15 cm of snowfall

36 hours from end of weather event

See above
Intersections/ Bus Stops After sidewalks are completed

48 hours from end of weather event


When should I contact 311?

Before contacting 311 to report snow and ice clearing issues, please check the specified service timelines in the chart above to confirm when clearing should be completed on your street or sidewalk.

If clearing efforts are still within the timelines, we ask that residents refrain from contacting 311 regarding snow and ice clearing issues. This will help ensure those trying to contact 311 with urgent issues are able to reach an agent.

If you contact 311 before the specified timelines have passed, your concerns will be recorded but not dispatched, as it is expected that crews will get to all areas as they are able.

Residents are encouraged to report any snow or ice removal issues to 311 or once the specified service timelines have passed.

NEW FEATURE: Next time you contact 311, try out the new Call Back feature, which reserves your spot in the call queue without having to stay on hold.

Exceptional Weather Conditions

Streets and sidewalks are prioritized based on a number of criteria, including how often they’re used by commuters, access to important infrastructure like hospitals and schools, and whether they’re on major bus and transportation routes. Those priority levels and the timelines assigned to each are outlined in the charts above.

Residents should note that in snowfalls greater than 30 centimetres, or in blizzard conditions, more time may be needed to complete clearing. The same exception may apply when there are rapidly changing weather condtions, like sudden freezes after rain, wet snow packed to ice and freezing rain. Crews will continue working until all streets and sidewalks are clear and safe from snow and ice.


Weather/Road Conditions

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Emergency Services

Nova Scotia 911 Service
Nova Scoitia Emergency Management Office (EMO) 
Halifax Regional Police Services
Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency