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Streets, Sidewalks & Municipal Infrastructure

Every day tens of thousands of residents and visitors travel on streets and sidewalks across the Halifax region. It is up to the municipality to ensure that infrastructure is safe and responsive to the needs of all users. Below you'll find information about upcoming construction projects, maintenance operations, street safety, and and how to report a problem with a street, sidewalk or other municipal infrastructure.


The municipality has approved standards for delivering services like snow clearing and pothole repair. Learn about maintenance of our streets, parks, trails, playgrounds, sports fields and cemeteries, how to report a problem with any of this infrastructure.

Construction Projects

A complete list of street and sidewalk construction projects for the current year. Learn how decisions are made about which streets and sidewalks will be built or worked on in a given year.

Traffic Management

Report a problem with a traffic signal.

Crosswalk Safety

Drivers and pedestrians share the responsibility of crosswalk safety.


Report a streetlight out and learn about the LED streetlight program: In addition to the energy and environmental benefits the new LED lights provide a better quality light at a fraction of the cost.

Transportation Planning

Planning is needed to strategically improve and expand roadways and transit services, and encourage alternative modes of transportation such as walking and carpooling. Learn how transporation needs are addressed in the Regional Plan, including an Active Transportation Plan and initiatives like SmartTrip.