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Traffic Management is responsible for the approvals and installation of traffic control devices, as well as the planning of orderly expansion and the safe, effective operation of the municipality's transportation network

Traffic Calming

Slowing traffic down in your neighbourhood.


Modern roundabouts are rapidly being introduced in communities across Canada as a safe and viable alternative to traditional intersections. Read More...

Traffic Control Manual Supplement

The provisions in this document shall apply to all contractors/organization and other doing work on streets under the jurisdiction of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Read more...

Winter Operations

Find out information on regarding snow events on the Service Update page. When will your street / sidewalk be cleared after a snow event?

Parking Ban

Register for parking ban notifications. As a subscriber - you can choose to have notifications sent to you via phone, email and/or text. Read more on the parking ban
(The registration page is currently not compatible with Chrome or Safari web browsers and is not accessible through your smart phone)

Residential On-Street Parking

The municipality has a number of initiatives designed to manage and provide access to on-street parking in residential areas. These include residential parking exemptions, visitor parking exemptions and monthly parking permits. Read more...

Hollis Street Bike Lane

This bicycle lane is on the left side of the street (a first for Halifax) and flows southbound from near Cogswell Street (Cogswell Interchange) to Terminal Road. Read more...

Crosswalk Safety

Crosswalk safety is everyone’s responsibility. So keep your head up and follow the rules and we can all get home safely. Read more on Heads Up Halifax.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)

These signals will advise pedestrians who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind when they have the right-of-way to cross a roadway. See the locations within the municipality