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Overnight Winter Parking Ban - FAQ's
How do I obtain a release for an impounded vehicle?

Registered owners (RO) of impounded vehicles must FIRST obtain an impound release prior to going to the tow service storage facility. Releases for areas under the jurisdiction of the Halifax Regional Police can be obtained only at the HRP Headquarters located at 1975 Gottingen St. Halifax. Releases for areas under the jurisdiction of the RCMP would be made from the nearest RCMP Detachment. Only the Registered Owner of a vehicle can obtain the impound release by providing photo ID confirming identity to the front desk attendant. If the RO is not available (for example, out of town), he or she may mail or courier a NOTARIZED letter designating another person to pick up the vehicle. Only the original of the notarized letter is acceptable, not copies or faxes. In the letter, the RO must be very specific as to who will be picking up the vehicle, along with a detailed description of the vehicle itself (make, model, license plate number, etc.). With the impound release in hand, the RO or designate may then go to the appropriate towing service facility and pay the applicable tow and storage fees directly.

In order to drive the vehicle off the lot, the RO or designate must present a valid driver’s license, valid registration and proof of insurance. Uninsured and unregistered vehicles cannot be driven out of the impound lot, but they may be towed to private property at the owner's expense.

At the present time RCMP do not have any contracted towing service.
The current contract tow services for HRP jurisdiction areas are:

Halifax Peninsula and Mainland South Area:  Ace Towing, 687 Prospect Road, (Goodwood)

Dartmouth Area:
  Ruggles Towing, 12 Lorne Drive (Westphal)

Mainland North, Bedford Area:  A-1 Towing, 29 Skyridge Ave, (Lr Sackville)