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Street Network Changes

Changes to Traffic Patterns in Downtown Halifax

Some of the downtown Halifax streets have changed from one-way traffic, to two-way (and vice versa).

Initiated by a recommendation from HRMbyDesign and developed through public consultation, the changes in street directions have resulted in better organization of one-way street patterns. By converting two-way streets to one-way, the plan has allowed for new bike lanes and on-street parking spaces.

The first two phases of the changes occured during the fall 2011. The third phase will take place later this spring 2012. Phase 1: Sept. 19, 2011, Phase 2: Oct. 17, 2011.

To view a final street layout, once all of the changes are effective click here.

Over the past several years, HRM worked with downtown businesses on the development of a plan to modify traffic patterns on the downtown street network. The plan was first presented at an open house information session targeted at downtown businesses in April 2010. Since that time, modifications have been made based on feedback. A final proposal was presented at an open house session in November 2010.


Phase II

Effective October 17, 2011

Traffic change: the two-way blocks on Lower Water Street will convert to one-way traffic flow in the North bound direction.

Phase 2 - Lower Water Street

Phase I

Effective September 19, 2011


Streets affected by this change are:

  • Converting to one-way: Blowers (between Grafton and Barrington), Market (between Prince and Carmichael), Sackville (between Brunswick and Barrington), George (between Barrington and Hollis) and Granville (between Salter and Sackville).
  • Converting to two-way: Grafton (between Prince and Sackville).
  • Changing direction: Market Street (between Sackville and Prince).


Street Network Changes, Phase One - Sept 19 2011


Additional Information: