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Accessible Parking Spaces

What are they?

These are on-street parking spaces found in both commercial and rb52residential areas and are designated by regulatory signs for use by persons who are mobility disabled. Vehicles eligible to use these spaces are identified by means of an “Accessible License Plate” or by an “Accessible Parking Permit” which suspends from the rear view mirror.


Where are they installed?

In commercial areas, it is often difficult for those who are mobility disabled to find a parking space conveniently close to their destination. The provision of on-street accessible parking is an attempt to reserve a limited number of spaces for those who might otherwise be unable to attend functions or conduct business in that immediate area.

On residential streets, accessible parking spaces may be established for those without driveways or suitable off-street parking. Anyone who has a valid Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles mobility-disabled permit or numbered license plate can apply. For further information on obtaining a permit, please call 902-424-5851. Requests for spaces on residential streets are only considered if the applicant's accessible parking permit information can be verified.

What are the issues?

• Accessible parking spaces are available on a first come first served basis to any eligible user.

• In commercial areas, there is an increasing need for accessible on-street parking which competes with the need for loading zones, metered spaces and short-term parking. It is sometimes difficult to provide safe and accessible parking on congested downtown streets.

• Time-limits govern some spaces to generate parking turnover in commercial areas and to discourage monopolization of the spaces to the detriment of others.