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Angle Parking

What is it?

Angle ParkingAngle parking is the method by which a motorist parks a vehicle at an angle rather than parallel to the curb.

Why do we have it?

Angle parking provides a means to maximize the number of parking spaces in an area and should only be permitted where there is a desire or genuine need to accommodate as much on-street parking as possible.

Where do we have it?

The Nova Scotia Motor Act requires that all vehicles are to be parked parallel to the curb except at locations where signs or pavement markings exist to indicate the manner in which angle parking is permitted. Angle parking is not a common practice throughout the Province.

What are the issues?

The difficulties and dangers associated with angle parking, such as limited visibility for drivers and lack of room to exit the space, make parallel parking a safer and more popular choice.

Due to these safety considerations, angle parking should only be permitted on streets which have an excessive width and relatively low traffic volumes. One-way traffic flow is also a benefit when considering implementation of angle parking.