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Hidden Driveway Signs

What are they?

Hidden DrivewayThe "Hidden Driveway" sign is a warning sign which may be erected in advance of private driveways with restricted stopping sight distance causing an unusual degree of hazard.

Where do we have them?

"Hidden Driveway" signs are typically installed on rural roadways where the presence of driveways might not be expected by the approaching motorist. Where sight distance is restricted due to horizontal or vertical curves in the roadway, the sign may be beneficial to the road user, particularly those who are unfamiliar with the area."Hidden Driveway" signs are not intended to be installed on residential or low-volume streets where the majority of the traffic is local to the area and the presence of driveways is a common expectation. As with any warning device it is important that this sign be used only where conditions warrant. Too many of these signs will only diminish their effectiveness.

The "Hidden Driveway" sign may be supplemented with an "Advisory Speed" tab sign at locations where the safe stopping sight distance requirement cannot be obtained.