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Lane Control Signs

What are they?

Lane Control SignsLane Control SignsLane Control SignsLane Control SignsLane control signs are regulatory devices which consist of white arrows on a black background. They may be suspended above traffic lanes or mounted along the side of the r\oad adjacent to the curb lane and on center medians to supplement painted lines and arrows.

Why do we have them?

Lane control signs are used to indicate to drivers which lanes are designated for desired vehicle movements. They are effective at increasing the vehicular capacity and reducing delays on roadways and at intersections. They help to overcome confusion and frustration enabling drivers to reach their destination more safely and conveniently.

Where do we have them?

  • These signs may be found on the approaches to intersections and throughout mid block sections where lane choice options may not be obvious due to roadway width and alignment, the number of lanes available, and the design of exit ramps or intersecting streets. They are used to designate "two-way left-turn lanes" on multi-lane roadways facilitating safe and more convenient left turns into private driveways and minor side streets while at the same time reducing delays to through traffic. They indicate multiple lane usage for a particular turning movement at intersections thereby moving greater volumes of traffic during a shorter green signal phase.
  • They are especially effective in controlling traffic on the approaches to and across intersections, especially wider ones, where there are fewer receiving lanes than expected on the far side of the intersection.

What are the issues?

  • Lane control signs are regulatory and overcome the limitations of painted arrows which are often not enforceable due to the fact that their visibility and effectiveness can be diminished by road salt, snow, natural wear and congested traffic.
  • Lane control signs are most effective when suspended from overhead span wires or mast arms; however, this is not always physically or financially possible. Side mounted lane control sign installations are much less expensive.