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Painted Centrelines

What are they?

centrelineThey are yellow lines placed along the length of two way roadways and are used to designate the portion which is available for each direction of travel.

What are the issues?

Residents are of the opinion that a painted centreline will provide the guidance drivers require to stay on the right hand side of the roadway, and this may be necessary on streets with higher volumes and higher speeds. However, on low volume roadways it is natural for motorists to drive near the centre to provide better separation between traffic and pedestrians and/or parked vehicles. As a result, this actually helps to slow down traffic.

When are they used by HRM Traffic Services?

They are painted on arterial and major collector roads which carry higher volumes of traffic and therefore pose a greater potential for conflicts. National guidelines indicate they should not be used on residential streets having a two way peak hour volume less than 500 vehicles.