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Transit Priority Signals

What are they?

Transit Priority SignalThe transit priority signal is a white vertical bar which is positioned above the red light on a signal display. The transit priority signal comes on a few seconds before the green light does, but while the signal is still red for other traffic. Transit buses may proceed into the intersection while the transit priority signal is on, allowing them to get a ‘jump’ on the rest of the traffic waiting to go.

What are the issues?

The purpose of this device is to allow buses to perform more efficiently in congested traffic. In some cases, a bus sitting in a transit priority lane may block cars wishing to turn right on red. Allowing buses to compete more effectively with cars is an important step in the Municipality’s efforts to encourage increased transit ridership.

Where are they installed?

They are installed at intersections where buses have an opportunity to get to the head of the queue at an intersection. In some cases, this may be a lane where vehicle traffic is required to turn right, but buses are allowed to travel through. In other cases, it may be in a lane exclusively reserved for buses.