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Residential On-Street Parking

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HRM has a number of initiatives designed to manage and provide access to on-street parking in residential areas. These include residential parking exemptions, visitor parking exemptions and monthy parking permits.

These initiatives are generally in areas with high demand for on-street parking from residents, commuters and customers. 


What's New?

Effective mid-January 2014, Maitland Street, between Cornwallis Street and Prince William Street will be Permit Parking Only.

The following streets have voted to implement Permit Parking Only on a trial basis: Creighton, Fern Lane, Union, John, Cornwallis, and Bloomfield.

Temporary Permit Parking Only was installed on these streets in September 2013.  A permanent installation vote will take place in late winter 2014. 



Permit Parking Only

Residential streets designated "Permit Parking Only" restrict parking to holders of residential parking exemptions, visitor exemptions and to monthly parking permit holders.  This restriction applies between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday-Friday.

The intent of this program is to better manage supply of weekday on-street parking in residential areas where demand is high, thereby minimizing impacts to the residents of the street.

Monthly parking permits can be purchased at a cost of between $25 and $40 at HRM Customer Service Centres.  Permits go on sale two weeks in advance of the begining of each month.  There are a limited number available in each street.

Current streets with Permit Parking Only are:



  • Davison Street
  • Falkland Street
  • Maynard Street (south of Buddy Daye)
  • West Street (west of Agricola)
  • John St.
  • Union St.
  • Creighton St.
  • Divas Lane
  • James Street
  • Williams Street
  • Woodill Street
  • Fern Lane
  • Bloomfield St.
  • Cornwallis St.


Application form for monthly parking in "Permit Parking Only" areasPDF Tips

Parking by Permit Only Information Sheet PDF Tips

Link to a March 2013 Transportation Standing Committee Report on the results of the 2012 installation of Permit Parking Only PDF Tips

Residential Parking Exemptions

Residents with Residential Parking Exemptions are exempt from the following restrictions on their street imposed by traffic signs erected by the Traffic Authority:

  • permitting one hour parking;
  • permitting two hour parking;
  • prohibiting parking for 30 minutes or an hour in the morning or the afternoon;
  • prohibiting parking for 30 minutes or an hour in both morning and afternoon; or,
  • prohibiting parking except by permit.

Residential Parking Exemptions are available from HRM Customer Service Centres, cost $30 annually and extend from June 1 to May 31.


Residential Parking Exemptions - Application FormPDF Tips


Visitor Parking Exemptions

Residents of streets eligible for residential parking exemptins are also eligible for visitor parking exemptions.  The fees for “Visitor Parking Exemption” are 1 day -$5.00 and 14 day $20.00.  These can be obtained by the resident at HRM Customer Service Centres. 

The applicant for Visitor Exemption shall provide the following information to the Permit Administrator;
(a) the Application and Contract form;
(b) valid photo identification for the applicant;
(c) valid Certificate of Registration for the
vehicle or proof that the vehicle is duly registered in the province or state in which the owner of the vehicle resides;
(d) number plate of the vehicle; and
(e) written proof of the residental address of the applicant dated within 30 days from the date of the application.



More information:

Residential On-Street Parking PolicyPDF Tips

By-Law P-1000-On-Street Parking Exemptions and PermitsPDF Tips