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Dartmouth Harbourfront Trail


bikers on the Dartmouth Harbourfront

Get Out and Check the Dartmouth Harbourfront Trail

How do I get involved?

Presently there is no community trail group with the

Dartmouth Harbourfron Trail. If you are interested in starting a group to manage this trail, contact the Assistant Regional Trails Coordinator:


Trail Information

The Trail is constructed and paved between the Woodlawn Ferry and the Alderney Gate Ferry except for one section between Old Ferry Road and Tupper Street. The section at Maplehurst Apartments is in the planning stages.

The Trail, while still a work in progress, is complete, with a few well marked detours, from the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal in downtown Dartmouth, to the Woodside Ferry Terminal, in North Woodside.


Walk along the Dartmouth Harboufront on this paved trail>> back to Community Trail Groups page