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Friends of First Lake


First Lake

First Lake


Get Out.. and Check Out the First Lake Trail

The Friends of First Lake build and maintain public trails around the perimeter of First Lake in Sackville Nova Scotia.

In 1988 a group of community members banded together to form Friends of First Lake. The goal was to protect the quality of the water in First Lake and enhance recreational activities (including swimming, boating and walking trails) for all residents of Sackville.

Since 2002, the group’s focus has been to upgrade the existing Glen Slaunwhite trail and other trail systems around First Lake in Lower Sackville.

The first section of the improved active transportation trail will be completed in the near future and available for public usage.

Map of First Lake
Map of First Lake


How do I get involved?

Contact the Friends of First Lake Co-Chairs:

Chair: Bob Taylor

Vice Chair: Gordon Kyle




Glen Slaunwhite Trail