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Musquodoboit Trailways Association


Musquodoboit Trailways Association


In early 1994 it was decided that the development of a trail along the old railway in Musquodoboit Harbour would be fitting first step in building an eco-tourism, recreation based, infra-structure for all of the eastern shore.

In 1995 a Trails Subcommittee was struck by the newly incorporated Seaside Tourism for the purpose of having a hiking trail constructed from Musquodoboit Harbour to Gibraltar Rock, a distance of 14.5 km.

In 1996 the Trail Subcommittee met with representatives of the newly established Halifax Regional Development Agency (1995)., the Department of Natural Resources, Sport Nova Scotia, Community Council, and representatives of Halifax Regional Municipality Parks and Recreation Department (newly amalgamated with the County) as well as Eastern Shore Councillors and MLA.

July 1998 (reportedly) or May 20, 1999 (according to Joint Stocks) the Musquodoboit Trailways Association was incorporated.

The 14.5 km Musquodoboit Trailway was officially opened on October 10, 1998. In the following year,1999, trail development continued with the installation of benches, picnic shelters, pit toilets, and a parking lot. Also in 1999, the Musquodoboit Trailway was registered as a part of the TransCanada Trail, the first segment in the Halifax Regional Municipality to be so designated.

The MTA trail now consists of approximately 42 km and offers a wide variety of trail experiences ranging from the easily walked Musquodoboit Trailway to a rugged and challenging 18 km Wilderness Trail.

The community takes great pride in this trail system. It is widely promoted in business advertisements and acknowledged throughout the HRM as a premier Trail system, each component being an exceptional example of its type.


MTA Mandate:
  • To develop and maintain the old rail line between Musquodoboit Harbour and Gibraltar Rock as a non-motorized recreational walking, biking and skiing trail.
  • Develop trail amenities as required.
  • Plan and construct wilderness and backcountry trails on lands adjacent to the old rail line.
  • Manage and direct all trail planning and building activities in an environmentally responsible fashion.
  • Cooperate with other trail groups in planning a route for the Trans Canada Trail to connect to the Musquodoboit Trailway.
  • To do those things that the Executive Committee deems to be in the best interest of the Association as a whole.


How do I get involved?

Contact the MTA Chair

Stanley Van Dyke

P.O. Box 336
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
B0J 2L0






Trail Information

The MTA is located in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia. The trail consists of a rail trail, adjacent loop trails, and a wilderness ridge trail between the Musquodoboit Railway Museum and Tourist Bureau and Gibraltar, and lands to the east of the rail trail.

Musquodoboit Trail

15 km of easy trail

Allow 3 – 4 hours, one way

PDF from HRM's Trail Walking Kit

Bayer Lake Loop Trail

1.0 km of easy to moderate trail

Allow 1 hour, one way

Admiral Lake Loop

5.5 km of moderate to difficult trail

Allow 4 hours, one way

Gibraltar Rock Loop

1.3 km of moderate trail

Allow 1.5 hours, one way

South Granite Ridge Trail

8.5 km of very difficult trail

Allow 6 to 7 hours, one way

North Granite Ridge Trail

9.4 km of very difficult trail

Allow 6 to 7 hours, one way

Trails are closed and not maintained over the winter (November to May) or as weather conditions warrant.

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