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Second Lake Regional Park Association

Sackville Patriot Days Trail Walk
Annual Patriot Days Trail Walk, Second Lake Regional Park

In the 1970s the Sackville community voiced interest in preserving the Second Lake lands as a green space. The Province had obtained land in the “Sackville Lakes District” in the 1960s for the development of affordable housing. The value of the land for park use had long been recognized because of the landscape type, forest cover, clear lakes, and proximity to large-scale planned developments.

The collective actions of several regional community groups finally resulted in the formation of the Second Lake Regional Park Association in 1998. In February of 1999, approximately 694 acres (281 hectares) of the Second Lake land assembly was transferred from the provincial Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs (now Community Services) to the Department of Natural Resources and assigned to the Provincial Parks program for protection as parkland. The lands are currently managed as provincial park reserve.

The mandate of the Second Lake Regional Park Association continues to ensure protection and preservation of the water and lands within Second Lake Regional Park through a joint management agreement with the landowner, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The agreement will include a strategy that will maximize the health benefits for the community within the constraints of the sustainability of the park’s ecosystem.

Trail Group Goals:

  • To promote the development of a system of trails within the Park for recreational opportunities that are in harmony with the ecosystem of the Park.
  • Develop a watershed management plan which will guide and gauge the impact of activities within the Second Lake watershed.
  • Promote the development of a resource inventory that may be used to guide all aspects of Park development.
  • To acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the realization of the objects of the Association.
  • To buy, own, hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the objects of the Association.
  • Promote and co-ordinate community stewardship and involvement for the preservation of the Park.

How do I get involved?

Theresa Scratch

Phone: 864-1942

Shane O’Neil

Phone: 865-3760

PO Box 808

Sackville NS B4C 3V3



Great Oak Trail

1.2 km of operational trail

Access Via First Lake Drive, Lower Sackville

Lakeside Trail

1 km of operational trail

Planned access via Metropolitan Ave., Lower Sackville

Canopy Creek Trail

Access Via Armcrest Ave., Lower Sackville

(in the planning stages)



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