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Departures Line Information

How to use the Departures Line:

Passengers can call a single phone number (902-480-8000) to access the system and a pre-recorded voice guides you through the process. Callers enter the bus stop number (printed on each bus stop sign) to hear which bus is departing, and at what time, from their stop location. Follow these steps to get your bus departure information:


1. Call 902-480-8000
2. When asked to enter your stop number, enter the four digit number from your bus stop sign (lower right corner).
3. When asked for your route number, enter the route number (also found on the bus stop sign) followed by #.
4. The phone system announces either the scheduled time or the estimated time for departure. “Scheduled to depart” uses the scheduled times listed in the Rider’s Guide or the Schedules listed. “Estimated to depart” uses real-time bus departure information.
5. The following calling features can be used to obtain more information from the Departures Line.

Press Description
# Skips the opening bulletins or notifications.
*7 Repeats your bus departure information or will repeat instructions.
*8 Goes to the start of the route list after using *9.
*9 A list of all routes servicing your bus stop. You may press *9 to hear a list of all routes servicing your stop. The routes are listed in order based on their scheduled departure time. The list may include routes with a scheduled departure up to 10 minutes prior to the time you called. Once you make a selection from the list, real-time bus departure time is given.
1 To enter a different stop number at the end of your departure message.
2 To enter a different route number at the end of your departure message.















Real-time uses GPS satellite technology to track buses and provide their approximate location. Once the vehicle is located, the system then predicts when the bus will depart future stops.

While Halifax Transit expects most predictions to be reasonably accurate, the technology is complex and relies on multiple systems, on and off the bus to work together. Because of this complexity, riders may occasionally receive inaccurate information when one system fails to communicate with the others. In some instances, if the technology cannot make an accurate prediction, it will announce a scheduled departure time.

Riders should remember that incidents may occur on your route that could impact the accuracy of the predicted, real-time information. For example, when you call a stop, it announces that the next departure time is 10 minutes away. However, if a vehicle accident or a bus breakdown occurs after your initial call, the departure time will be impacted for the bus on your route.

More information on Departures.



Departures Boards:

Departure Board sampleBeginning the week of June 20th, 2016 new “Departures Boards” are being installed at Halifax Transit terminals across the municipality. With the installation of the real-time bus location technology on the buses, we can give our riders more consistent, real-time information.

The Departures Board displays either real-time or scheduled bus departure information on a screen or monitor at the terminal. All buses serviced at the terminal have their real-time (or scheduled) departure information displayed, in addition to the bay number of where the bus is departing from. Public alert information, such as routes on snow plan, may also appear on the board, when required.

The Departure Board begins a minute-by-minute countdown for a route that is ten (10) minutes from its departure time (in real-time).

Departures Line Tips For Mobile Users:

NOTE: To improve a performance issue with the system, users must always enter the route number after the stop number even if the stop only has a single route. If you programmed your phone for a stop with a single route, please update your phone using the instructions below.

Please find below some handy tips to assist you in navigating the Departures Line with your mobile device:

1. Skip the opening message, when one is present. - Press the pound “#” key. NOTE: By choosing to skip the opening message, you may miss important Halifax Transit notifications.

2. Program your mobile phone to skip opening messages and go directly to the departure information.

i) Add (and save) the new Departures Line phone number (902-480-8000) as a new contact to your phone.

ii) Once you have saved the number, you can edit the number to add pauses that bypass the opening message and automatically enter your stop and route number.
NOTE: Wherever there is a pause in the programmed number, you will hear the Departures Line voice for a split second followed by beep sounds or no sound. These beeps or periods of no sound represent the numbers being entered automatically. This is normal behaviour for most phones. In some cases, you may hear “I’m sorry” but let the automatic entry continue and it should provide your programmed departure information.

iii) Follow the steps for your phone type:

  iPhone and Android Phones Blackberry Phones Basic Feature Mobile Phones (non-smartphones)
All Routes For a stop with multiple routes, save the number as follows (you must enter the commas):
902-480-8000, #<stop number>,<route number + #>
Example: 902-480-8000, #8640,1#
For a stop with multiple routes, save the number as follows (you must enter the pauses “p”):
902-480-8000p#<stop number>p<route number + #>
Example: 902-480-8000p#8640p1#
For a stop with multiple routes, save the number as follows (you must enter the soft or 2-second pause “P”, “p” or with some phones this might be represented by the letter “T”):
902-480-8000P#<stop number>P<route number + #>
Example: 902-480-8000P#8640P1#
Pause “,” = Pause
iPhone – To access the pause option, press the “+ * #” key
Android – To access the pause option, press the “Sym” key, “*#” key or “.-)” key. The key may be shown as “Pause”, “,” or “P”.
“,#” = Pause with pound, “#”, skips the opening notification.
“p” = Pause – On newer models (e.g., Blackberry Z10), the pause key is shown on the digital key pad. On older models (e.g., Blackberry 9900), press the “N” or “,” button on the key pad.
“p#” = Pause with pound, “#”, skips the opening notification.
“P” = Soft or 2 Second Pause – This option is found in some phones by selecting “Options”, pressing the * key multiple times or pressing and holding “0”. Accessing the pause option may vary by phone type. See your phone’s user guide for complete instructions.
“P#” = Pause with pound “#” skips the opening notification.

DISCLAIMER: For your convenience, Halifax Transit is providing the steps above to assist you in updating your contacts in your mobile phone; however, Halifax Transit does not provide technical support for mobile phones or devices, and the options provided may not work with all mobile phones in all situations. If one of the options does not work for you, please refer to the user manual for your mobile phone. Saving the phone number helps to get your bus information to you quickly.

Occasionally, the call connection to the system may result in your saved phone number not working. Halifax Transit may need to add multiple notifications at the beginning of the Departures Line, which may also cause the saved number to fail. If either of these happens, please try again or direct dial the phone number. If you choose to skip the opening message, you may miss important Halifax Transit notifications. Please be aware of your stop number, which may change from time-to-time. If the stop number changes, you may need to update your saved number. Please use at your own discretion.