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Community Profile

The community profile is a work in progress.  The new Vision Implementation Committee (VIC) will consider what information should be included.    Suggestions from the community are appreciated and can be emailed to VIC.

Community Growth and Development

The latest Census (2006) reported the population of the Bedford area (including the communities of Bedford, Glen Moir, Harmony Park, Killarney and Millview) at 16,582, an increase of 625 people since 2001. Between 1996 and 2001, the population for the same area increased by 2420 people.

The greatest overall change in Bedford's population can be seen in the age groups of 55 years and older. The percentage change in these age groups is greater than the percentage change for the whole of Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia. Numbers of pre-school aged children and young adults (26-34) have declined in Bedford since 1996. With respect to population change, Bedford is in the midst of a transition not unlike many communities across the country.

Including the Bedford Waterfront, the Regional Plan defines four growth centres in/around the greater Bedford area. Development in the surrounding new communities of Bedford West and Bedford South is expected to add more than 17,000 residents in an estimated 7,300 households over the next 25 years. Future visioning and community planning initiatives in the vicinity of Sunnyside Mall will also serve to position this "Suburban District Centre" for higher order transit and a mix of commercial and residential uses with an emphasis on pedestrian oriented retail and an interconnected system of streets, pathways, sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Artist's Depiction - Bedford Waterfront in Future The Vision for the Bedford Waterfront will further the goals and policy objectives of the Regional Plan by encouraging the development of the waterfront area as a Suburban Local Centre. By supporting an increase in mixed use development, community services and facilities, and improved transit and active transportation linkages including a proposed highspeed ferry, the waterfront could become a draw for families and commuters. By encouraging tourist amenities and cultural and social activities, the waterfront could also become a destination for other HRM residents and visitors.

Community Statistics

For statistical tables, use the Community Counts Web site: