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Solid Waste System Review
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Building a Better Solid Waste System, Together

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In 2012, Regional Council directed staff to review the efficiency of the current solid waste system - without compromising environmental or community protections. Council will not make any decisions until all the facts from the review are provided to citizens and they have the opportunity to give their feedback through an extensive consultation process. The public feedback will then be taken back to Council for their review and consideration.Recycling

As part of this review, Regional Council approved the staff recommendation to hire Stantec Consulting to evaluate the operation and viability of the Otter Lake Landfill. To verify the science behind the Stantec report, SNC Lavalin conducted a peer review.

The consultant's recommendations outline an evolution of HRM’s solid waste system that enhances environmental stewardship through increased diversion and reduced negative environmental impacts.

These recommendations also enable HRM to achieve a fiscally-sustainable solid waste solution for many decades to come as outlined in the February 5, 2013 staff report to Regional Council.

Curbside Over the past 15 years, HRM has developed an impressive track record of recycling and waste diversion from the landfill. In fact, as of 2012, residential diversion of recyclables and organics from the garbage stream and landfill is an impressive 68%. Landfill waste diversion by the commercial sector is just over 50%.

This keeps valuable materials out of the landfill – which have been turned back into things such as new soil, metal alloys, paper and plastics. High environmental standards are critically important to HRM residents, your Regional Council and the people who work for your municipality. At the Otter Lake Landfill, these standards and related outcomes will always comply with Nova Scotia's stringent solid waste resource management regulations.