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National Historic Sites of Canada

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The Public Gardens $500,000 Bandstand stabilization and renovation PDF Logo
Memorial Tower (Dingle) $850,000 Exterior masonry refurbishment and restoration of indoor plaques PDF Logo


On Friday, June 4, 2010 the Honourable Jim Prentice announced $675,000 of funding for two of Halifax’s National Historic Sites, the Public Gardens and the Memorial (Dingle) Tower. The Municipality will match the restoration funds.

DingleTowerThe Memorial Tower will receive $850,000 for the refurbishment of its exterior masonry, as well as the stabilization and restoration of plaques inside the tower.“ This is one of the most exciting approvals our district has ever had”, said Councillor Linda Mosher who has been working diligently on this project for 7 years. During this time the site received a National Historic Designation which then made it eligible for grants based on its Historic Status. Please note: unanticipated issues with the restoration of the exterior masory have effected the timelines and scope of this project. Additional funding must be sought to ensure the work can continue. The Memorial Tower will need to remain closed as the work progresses.

Public Gardens Bandstand RenderingAn additional $500,000 will be spent on the Victoria Jubilee Bandstand in the Public Gardens for structural stabilization to ensure its continuous and safe use as a working bandstand. Replacement materials and methodology used during a 1970's restoration have radically altered the appearance and character defining elements of the structure. These renovations will not only ensure a structurally sound bandstand but will return its form and material to a more appropriate time-frame. “The Public Gardens is a big draw for residents and visitors alike. Everyone enjoys the Summer Concert Series from the beautiful Bandstand so these renovations are most welcome”, said councillor Dawn Sloane. Please note: Work Completed

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News Releases -

The Public Gardens and Memorial (Dingle) Tower Receive Funding

Government of Canada working to preserve Halifax’s heritage and commemorates local Father of Confederation

Media Articles

Tall tally of cash for historic sites, Metro May 26, 2010.

Public Gardens, Dingle to get facelift, Chronicle Herald June 6, 2010.


Public Gardens - Victoria Jubilee Bandstand - Construction Images

December 2010 - March 2011


Bandstand with scaffolding Rood coming off bandstand
Bandstand roof being removed bandstand roof aloft
bandstand roof off the structure Bandstand without roof
Gezebo Roof top construction Workers on the new roof
Gazebo woodworking Gazebo exterior