Case 22483 - 801 Old Sambro Road, Harrietsfield



Civtech Engineering and Surveying Limited has modified their application request from rezoning a portion of 801 Old Sambro Road (Harrietsfield) in addition to 811 and 821 Old Sambro Road, to just rezoning a portion of 801 Old Sambro Road in addition to 811 Old Sambro Rd, from the Harrietsfield Village Centre (V-1) Zone to the Industrial Commercial Mix (C-5) Zone. 


The applicant wishes to construct a 60 ft. x 60 ft. addition to the existing auto repair building at 801 Old Sambro Road and develop similar commercial uses such as a detail shop, autobody repair and warehousing within an accessory building on the abutting property, 811 Old Sambro Road, which is currently vacant but contains a portion of the parking lot used for the primary auto repair shop use.

The Development Plans (updated versions provided below) outline the development proposal in detail and include information related to the location of the proposed addition.


The application will be considered under the Rezoning process.


The application has completed the public consultation stage and staff are completing the report for Halifax and West Community Council. The lot consolidation of 801 and 811 Old Sambro Road is in the process of being registered with the Provincial Land Registration Office. 

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The relevant documents are linked below but these documents may alternatively be provided either by email or regular mail by making this request to the planner listed below.

Application Letter
Revised Application Letter
Revised Concept Plan
Survey Plan  - 1979 
Survey Plan - 2015
Traffic Impact Statement

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Claire Tusz

Planner II

Development Services

Telephone: 902.430.0645

Fax: 902.490.4645

Mailing Address

HRM Planning and Development

Current Planning

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

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Attention: Claire Tusz (Case #22483 - Old Sambro Road, Harrietsfield)