Case 22547 - Winslow Drive, Upper Tantallon



Application by Zzap Consulting Inc., on behalf of Ramar Construction Ltd. for amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategies for Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville and Planning District 1 & 3 (St Margarets Bay) and corresponding Land Use By-laws to enable the development of three commercial buildings at 445 Winslow Drive (PID 41277765); Lot 4B Winslow Drive (PID 41277773); and, Lot 3 Winslow Drive (PID 41249681), Upper Tantallon.


The subject site consists of three properties located on the north side of the Hammonds Plains Road - Winslow Drive intersection approximately 500 m east of Highway 103 (Exit 5). The site is designated Residential under the Municipal Planning Strategy for Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville (MPS), and is zoned R-1 (Single Unit Dwelling) under the Land Use By-law for Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville (LUB).

The properties are undeveloped and under current regulations may only be developed with single-unit dwellings. As the properties are located at the edge of the Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville plan area and abut the Planning District 1 & 3 plan area the applicant was seeking a plan area boundary realignment to enable development as per the MU-1 Zone of the Planning District 1 & 3 Land Use By-law. Given community concerns about the application of the Planning Districts 1 and 3 MU-1 Zone to these three sites and concern over the proximity of one of the sites to the low-density residential area, the applicant has revised the proposal.  The applicant is now requesting to amend only the Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville Plan Municipal Planning Strategy to allow consideration of a commercial development on the two sites furthest away from the low-density residential area through the provisions of a development agreement.  The applicant is no longer proposing a commercial development on the site on the side of Winslow Drive next to Stillwater Lake. In response to community concerns, the applicant has removed the site nearest the Stillwater Lake community from the proposal. Details about the revisions (revised site plan & revised letter of application, and building elevation plan) to the proposal can be viewed below under the Documents Submitted for Evaluation. 


This application is being considered under the municipal planning strategy amendment process. This process will include a public consultation (public information meeting) and a public hearing.


Regional Council began the MPS amendment process at its meeting January 29, 2020 following consideration of an initiation report submitted by staff. This means that Council is willing to consider the proposal following staff review and public consultation, but no decision on the proposal has been made.

A virtual call-in public information meeting was hosted by the North West Planning Advisory Committee on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. Municipal planning staff and the applicant provided a presentation (PDF). View the minutes from the meeting

The North West Planning Advisory Committee  (NWPAC) considered the proposal and all feedback was submitted to them at their regular meeting on March 3, 2021. View the draft minutes from that meeting. 

The proposal will now be reviewed in detail by staff who will prepare a recommendation report. The staff report will be considered by North West Community Council, who will make a recommendation to Regional Council for a decision. Before any consideration to approve this matter, Regional Council must hold a public hearing. A public hearing provides an additional opportunity for public comment. Public hearings are a formal process and the procedures for the meetings are found in Administrative Order One.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The relevant documents are linked below but these documents may alternatively be provided either by email or regular mail by making this request to the planner listed below.

Revised Submission - January 2022
Revised Site Plan
Revised Application Letter - January 13, 2022
Building Elevation Plan

Previous Submission
Traffic Impact Study
Applicant Letter
Site Plan

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