Case 22816 Westerwald Street, Fairview, Halifax



This Regional Council has directed staff to review the zoning on Westerwald Street. This is in response to a request by WM Fares Group to rezone lands at 3325, 3331 and 3343 Westerwald Street. On December 15, 2020, Regional Council directed staff to review a study area, as detailed in the Initiation Report dated November 9, 2020, that includes all properties on Westerwald Street, as well as 2 and 4 Melrose Avenue. 


This process will review the zoning on Westerwald Street. It will consider allowing a mix of building types, like townhouses and multi-unit residential buildings. The study area will also include two properties on Melrose Street. 

A six-storey residential building is proposed in the study area, at 3325, 3331 and 3343 Westerwald Street. This building is not permitted under existing land use policy or zoning, so the applicant, WM Fares Group, is asking to rezone the property. 
The major aspects of this proposal are as follows:
•    90 dwelling units;
•    A 3-storey section facing Westerwald Street;
•    A 6-storey section facing Joseph Howe Drive;
•    A main entrance facing Westerwald Street;
•    Ground floor units with entrances opening onto the sidewalk;
•    A driveway off Westerwald Street; and
•    Underground parking. 


The application will be considered under the process to amend a Municipal Planning Strategy.


On December 15, 2020, Regional Council directed staff to begin this planning process. View the staff report

In April 2021, staff sent a survey to 362 households near Westerwald Street in Fairview. View an overview of the survey responses. The survey did not explicitly ask if people supported townhouse or multi-unit buildings. But some people clearly stated their support or opposition. Other responses were mixed. Some of the mixed and opposed responses could be described as “might support with conditions”. For example, some residents might support multi-unit housing if the units were affordable.
Other issues raised in the surveys included: 
•    Traffic and Parking
•    Rising Rents and Housing Affordability
•    Displacement of Existing Residents 
•    Changing feel of the community

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