Case 22875 - 11 Canal St., Dartmouth



W M Fares Architects is applying for a development agreement at 11 Canal Street, Dartmouth. 


The applicant is applying for a development agreement to allow a mixed-use development.  The proposal is for an 8 storey building and a 30 storey building that have a rooftop courtyard between them for common open space use at the 3 storey level.  The major aspects of the proposal are as follows:

  • Proposed Building A (adjacent to the Shubenacadie Canal) will be an 8 storey (26m) tall mid-rise form with a 12-metre streetwall;
  • Proposed Building B (at the corner of Canal Street and the proposed Dundas Street extension) will be a 30 storey (90m) high rise form with a 12-metre streetwall;
  • Proposed Building B has ground-floor retail spaces facing onto Canal Street and the proposed Dundas Street extension;
  • A total of 218 residential units; 
  • 214 proposed parking spaces will be located within the buildings;
  • A landscaped private common open space is proposed to be located between the two buildings at the 3 storey level; and
  • An extension to Dundas Street is proposed along the northern boundary of the site.

The Development Plans (provided below) outline the development proposal in detail and include information related to the proposed buildings site plan, floor plans, elevations, landscaping & open space, shadow study, Traffic Impact Study, and servicing information.


The application will be considered under the Development Agreement process.


W M Fares Architects submitted the application for 11 Canal Street in Dartmouth on April 3, 2020. A preliminary team review was carried out by internal HRM staff and external parties to who the application was relevant. Planning staff prepared their review against the Regional Centre Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy.

Information letters were mailed to neighbouring residents and property owners in September 2020, seeking feedback on the proposal. Public comments were collected through to October 2020.

The application is undergoing further review by municipal staff and relevant external review agencies. 

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The relevant documents are linked below. These documents may also be alternatively provided either by email or regular mail by making this request to the planner list below. 

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Dean MacDougall

Planner III

Development Approvals

Telephone: 902.240.7085

Mailing Address

HRM Planning and Development

Development Approvals

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Dean MacDougall