Case 23746 and 22896 - Seton Road, Bedford Highway and Lacewood Drive, Halifax


Notice of approval - On February 8, 2022, Halifax Regional Council approved this request.


Application by Fathom Studio, on behalf of Seton Ridge Holdings Limited, to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy and the Development Agreements for lands known as Seton Ridge at Bedford Highway, Seton Road and Lacewood Drive, Halifax.



‘Seton Ridge’ is a 73-acre high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood on the former Sisters of Charity ‘Motherhouse’ lands in Halifax. The Seton Ridge site is located off the Bedford Highway, to the west of Mount St. Vincent University, and has street frontage on Lacewood Drive at the southern end of the site. The approved development includes approximately 3,000 residential and assisted-living units within a mix of multi-unit and low-density buildings together with a range of commercial uses and three public parks. At full build-out, the proposed neighbourhood is expected to contain approximately 7,000 residents. Two development agreements were approved by Halifax and West Community Council on August 7, 2018 comprising lands of the Sisters of Charity (now Seton Ridge Holdings Limited) and Shannex SC Limited (Case 19514).


Application to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and the existing development agreements (DA) for the Seton Ridge neighbourhood to allow for the elimination of a walkway connection currently required between the Seton Ridge development and Bayview Road, Halifax. Specifically, the proposal is to amend Map 9Df of the MPS to delete the walkway. This application was initiated by HRM Regional Council on October 19, 2021. The staff report is available on-line. 

Case 23746 is being combined with previous Planning Application Case 22896 as both applications involve amendments to the Seton Ridge development agreements. 

Case 22896: The following previously requested amendments to the Development Agreement are to be included:
• To apply the HRM Municipal Design Guidelines (Red Book) street standard of 500 metres maximum distance between local street intersections, instead of 200 metres in the existing agreement; 
• To allow portions of buildings with underground parking or partly above-ground parking garages to be located within 20 metres of the road right-of-way with conditions; 
• Proposed modifications to requirements for landscaped strips along the side yards of residential dwellings; 
• Proposed allowance for height exemptions for rooftop mechanical and other building features and clarification of building height calculation with sloping conditions; and 
• To add some definitions into the agreement, including existing terminology from the Land Use By-law and new definitions, for clarification purposes.

Case 22896: The following previously requested amendments to the Development Agreement have been withdrawn and are NOT included: 
• To have a stand-alone heat plant for the heated portion of Seton Road; 
• To allow the developer to commence clearing, excavation and blasting activities prior to the Developer receiving full design approval; 
• To allow up to three multi-unit buildings to be constructed within the Neighbourhood Centre prior to final subdivision approval; 
• Active Transportation trail grade – this is proposed to be dealt with through the subdivision review process.


On February 8, 2022, Halifax Regional Council approved this request.  

View the most recent staff report. 

An Information Sheet regarding Case 23746 (Bayview Road walkway issue) was mailed to neighbourhood residents and public comments on the proposal were accepted until Monday, November 8, 2021.

Case 22896: A virtual Public Information Meeting using Microsoft Teams was held on Thursday, June 10, 2021 to discuss the application.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application.
The original staff report for Seton Ridge from 2018 can be found here.

•    Applicant's Letter of Request (PDF)
•    Existing "Seton Ridge Holdings (former Sisters of Charity) Development Agreement from 2018 (PDF)
•    Existing Shannezx SC Limited Development Agreement from 2018 (PDF)
•    Traffic Impact Study - 2018 (PDF)

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