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On January 11, 2021 Regional Council initiated a process to amend the Regional Centre Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy (RCSMPS), the Regional Centre Land Use By-law (RCLUB), and a concurrent development agreement process to develop a master neighbourhood plan for the Southdale Future Growth Node (FGN). The FGN designation under the Regional Centre Plan is intended to support a comprehensive planning process needed to effectively guide the development of mixed-use communities with supporting public infrastructure. 

The Southdale Future Growth Node is located at the south-eastern edge of the Regional Centre, in Dartmouth, immediately adjacent to Highway 111 (“Circumferential Highway”). The FGN is composed of four separate lots. Three of the four lots are held by one landowner and are undeveloped, including a significant wetland. The fourth lot is under separate ownership and is occupied by an office building, located on Research Drive.

View the staff report.


So far, the following concept plans have been submitted for the lands:
Clayton Developments, on behalf of the landowner A.J. Legrow Limited, is proposing to develop 875 residential units in the form of multi-unit dwellings, four-unit dwellings, townhomes, and single-unit dwellings. This includes new roads, buildings, paths, and parks.  View the site in Google Maps. 

A.J. Legrow Limited is proposing to develop 3 multi-unit dwellings between 4 and 8 storeys, at the end of Fenwick Drive. View the site in Google Maps.

Portucana Holdings Limited is proposing to develop 9 multi-unit dwellings between 4 and 8 storeys each.  View the site in Google Maps.


The Southdale Future Growth Node was designated a “Special Planning Area” by the Executive Panel on Housing of the Province of Nova Scotia to address housing challenges in the Capital Region. The Special Planning Area delegates development approval authority to the Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs as outlined in the Housing the Halifax Regional Municipality Act.

Given the area’s Special Area status, draft policies, development agreements and other documents will be shared on the Shape Your City page for public comment before their submission to the Executive Panel on Housing for review. The panel will provide a recommendation to the Minister who will then make a decision. 


Municipal staff are currently drafting policies for the entire Future Growth Node (FGN) and a development agreement for the Clayton lands. 

The public will be invited to provide comments on the draft documents. Please visit Shape Your City, to view the documents and find out how to participate.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

Visit Shape Your City to view all the documents, drafts, studies, and other information.

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