Case 24019 - 1434 and 1440 St. Margarets Bay Road, Lakeside



Sunrose Land Use Consulting is applying to discharge an existing development agreement at 1440 St. Margarets Bay Road, Lakeside.


The applicant wishes to partially discharge an existing development agreement which applies to 1434 and 1440 St. Margarets Bay Road. The existing agreement permitted each property to be used as a day care for not more than 35 children and one unit apartment. The agreement also allowed these properties to be used for any other purpose permitted in the C-1 (Local Business) Zone of the Timberlea/Lakeside/Beechville Land Use By-law. Discharging the existing agreement would result in any future development of 1440 St. Margarets Bay Road being subject to C-1 Zone land use requirements only.

Provided below is the applicant’s application rationale letter describing the request in more detail.


The application will be considered under the planning process for Discharging of Development Agreements.


Municipal staff are completing a detailed review of the application. The next step in the process will be for municipal staff to write a recommendation report for Halifax and West Community Council. There is no requirement for a public hearing for this application.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted documents required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The relevant documents are linked below. These documents may also be provided either by email or regular mail by making this request to the planner listed below.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Taylor MacIntosh

Planner II

Current Planning

Telephone: 902.219.0836

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HRM Planning and Development

Current Planning

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